Friday, December 23, 2011


I found this book at the library and wanted to read it because of the cover, which I think is awesome. and as for the story it have been along time since I have read something like this. I don't normally read things that have to do with ghosts or time-travel. I find it hard to do a good job with ghost or time-travel because it is a hard thing to do.  But this book does a good job. I like the the characters, which is what kept me reading. the story was not always the strong point of the book. but that was okay because Em was. and I think that worked out fine. my only thing with Em is that at points she seems like every other girl you read about in YA books. she had me thinking of girls from Meg Cabot's books.  and I think that the feeling went on as she started to hang out with mike it started to feel like like manny of Ms.Cabot's books. I like that feel and all I  would like to see some thing that is not the same from these YA writers. I mean is it so hard to write a girl that is not like ever one you read about. but on up side with this one was at least the bad guy was not like all of the ones you read about. and  I liked Dru. she was pretty cool and I liked how she loved Em so much and was so nice and how she would stop Thomas doing things because she was believe it is just like the same thing. And I have to say I liked everyone else in the book and I really liked the story. I thought it was well done. One thing I did not like was how people call this book a mystery.  I think it had mystery in the book but it is not a mystery. if we call every book that a little mystery then there would be more mystery book out there then anyone could even think of. I liked the story and the idea. I liked the way that kept you want more.  I think that it was smart how the whole time travel thing worked in the book and I thought the whole idea of the way that she did it was awesome.This book did the was slow but  i think it worked better for it to be that way. normally i think that the timing in a book is so hard to get right. but I found that this one did it right.  the the time went with the book and very thing happened in the story at the right time. And since the book is about time it was a good thing everything was  on time.
Over all a really good book. I think that it is a good read.

(YA -12 )
Stars: * * * 3.4

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Movie:Cowboys and Aliens

So some of you might have heard of this movie, some of you might not. I had heard of it and  I watched because my brother wanted. and I mean who does not want to see a cowboy fight an alien, its like every little boys dream (  I am a girl but I have a brother and a dad, so growing up I did watch a lot of sci-fi and western movies). and I wanted to see Olivia Wilde in something other then Tron and Butter. and I have to say it was nice to she her in this movie. I over all liked the cast and was very happy and sad to say this movie is nothing like I thought it would be. Their are a lot of haters and lovers for this movie. and I don't know which one I am. I like a lot of it and dislike a lot of it too. Over all I like the people and the story.I thought that at points it was very well done.I liked Jake and they way he handed things. I like how he was to other people and how most of the time he had  a mind and he used it. I  also really liked Ella because she was not like anyone else in the movie and kept everything together and for me that was one way you could tell it was a Si-Fi was by Jake and Ella they had a mind and by the way the acted with each other is one thing you see a lot in great sci-fi movies. And when done right like in this movie it really makes things likable and help moves the story along nicely. I thought that over all it was well done with everyone else to because you really saw people change, you got to see the highs and the lows of this and see how to work with people you so you can get the people you love back.But I do not like  the aliens and the the way at points like felt more like watching a bad horror movie then a sci-fi -western thing. and I think that they way he aliens where was really western. in most sci-fi you see a bad and you get an idea of why they are bad. where in most westerns you just see a bad guy as being bad. a western is more about good and bad where sci-fi is more about life and what really is good and bad. which is why I liked that jake  was  both. it kept everything in check. so in that way the film was good at mixing the two.Well up in till the last battle  in which case it was trying to hard to be to much. to much  of a sci-fi and to much of a western. and let me just say it had me really hating the movie. because some of it was not needed and over all made the film look trashy.   And I did not always like the endless need to be bloodily and gross and there was an endless killing. that to me was just out and out weird. Also  the ending of the movie was not what I saw coming. really most of the movie was not what I saw coming. and I say if you want to see it see its not really a wast of time. But believe me when I say that is  almost R on  last battle.

Stars: * * * 3.4

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Book:Play Me

So this book is not new, but right now I was having a hard time finding a book to read. I feel out of place with books lately. and so I thought that book all about movies would be just the right pick me up and it was movies that have been making it hard for me to find the time to read.
This book was fun to read. it is not some great work, but it was fun and nice for me to read because of all the movies it talked about, and I found I could relate to Eddy and some of the things he felt about movies and his life the most. One thing I really do like was how it was set in a guys head, that way girls can pass it on to their boyfriends and it would be else of  a pain and because also it made the book better i felt. because you got to see how a guy handed these things. I could see how a girl no matter what she was like dealing with these things but this a guy I never feel i know so fully.  and something else I really liked ( mostly because it is what I am going through) is what means more your friends or the dream?  and I felt that the book did a good job of showing us both sides and how Eddy felt about them. and how he was so cought up in it all that he did not always see what was going now around him. and I some times felt that people around him changed their minds to fast.  and that I did not feel that there was much going on with the other kids or people in  felt dull. and i want to know if that is just the author or is it the story and the people? I think that it is just the writer.
 i would say read this book, if you want to read about movies but do not read it if you want to be in movies so much,because it is really not a very.

(YA-13 and up)
Star: * * * 3.4

Monday, December 05, 2011

Book: Wounderstruck

This is a book that I read because of a book club and well it might not live up to  the Invention of Hugo Cabret , it still delivers the same "Wounder" ( :] ) of Hugo Cabret. But this time Brian Selznick goes even further with his new way of writing and style  by making one of his two main characters story tolled through words the other through pictures. Which I  think it is a great novel very compelling story that makes you want to read it all in one day. Very well written, the crafters are great and again so far in both of his books Selznick has made a single image (that are shown in both books) defines the story and it is something that I have not seen before in books. This book is for you should read trust me i think Hugo is better but just by a little. also the level of detail and research that his does for these books if amazing. The way the story comes together like in Hugo is also a delight to read.  i am vary interested to see what other authors might do with this new way of writing a book and I hope Brian will do more books- hopefully in this style again. (but this kind of book takes  a long time to write so fans we have to wait a while till the next book.)

( Tweens/12 and up)

* * * * 4.5

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Movie:The Artist

 I saw this film at one of the film Festivals it has been at. And I have to say that this film looks like (so far) the best  looking film for the oscars. the cast looks great and will most likely be wining  something for the cast. I think that  Jean Dujardin will win best actor. Yes, J.Eager looks great. but this guy is off the wall good. I mean you watch  it and you ask your self why have you never heard of him before? and the rest of the cast is great but he is the best because he is the lead.  also the film is great, it was well done. the sound in it is great and well put. I like how the film shows us a little darker side of silent films.  and I like how it kept the great feel of old movies yet with the  style of  newer films. I think that this film is up there with the kings speech. because it is great. this is the best film I have seen in a long time. I think that this movie is going to change movies for a long time. its is going to bring the silent films back up.and I think that it will make it a lot easier for small first time film makers to get money. Because if you look at the oscars the past 4 years small Indy films have won. and I think that we are looking at the next one here. so get ready to go to see this movie when it comes out. I highly think it is worth the money. unless you hate silent movies in which case you should still go see it just so you do not feel weird at dinner parties. the one thing I would have changed in the film and had it be a little older looking. I do not like my Black & White movies to look so clean and new. I like them to look like they did in the 30s and 40s. but other then that I just love this movie. and if you can read lips I know you will love it too!

( PG but kids under 9 should not see it )
Stars: * * * * * 5.0

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Book: The Other Countess

This book was one of the only good things I could find at one of the  Chicago libraries. Any one that ever said they had a great pick of YA books has never been to this library. I have always gone to a library were YA are easy to find. And if you want one all you have to do is ask. But this library is awful. And the other day for like the first time ever at a Chicago library when I ask for a book someone was helpful! They did their job.
But here I am, blogging about the library and not the book. Sorry
 This book  looked good and bad by the cover. I always like reading historical books what have come out in the last ten years. Because they are always really good or really bad ( Lux  and Bright young things, case and point).and when the book says on the back can forbidden love ever flourish you know that is book is going to be on you are going to write a long review about.  I have to say that I like how it goes from lots of peoples point of views but I find that the way it changes is a little odd and some times ruff, and hard to follow. And I found that the people in the books are just like everyone else you read about in other YA historical books.I feel that the book was trying to hard to be a romance novel for teens a little bitt. and yes it was that , and it was sometimes good. it felt weird and and off in may places. and the covers are pretty bad I have to say. this book was over all good but needs a lot of work.  I would like to read the next book in the series in hopes that it can fix all the wrongs in this book. I know life does not always have a happy ending but when I read fluff books like this I want them to be good and to be fun to read. not like this.

( YA - 15 and up)
Stars: * *  2.6

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I have heard really good things about this book when it first  came out. I  did not have time to read it at the time. But I was so happy to  read this book.  I have to say I was very happy when the book started, and it was funny.  I like how the  book was more of a joke of all the paranormal books coming out. I liked how Evie was a girlie-girl its so hard to find a lead female in any books theses days. girls have to be tom boys-whichs is fine but it has gotten over the top.
I also like the way that this book did not try to be something it was not. it was what it was. that was all.
 I like lend but I thought that he was just to fake.  I felt at times that  evie was a little weird. and how she felt about lend was odd. but other then that the book was good. I think that it is a nice break from all of the other paranormal books out there of right now.
and sadly there is not much else to say about the book it was cute nice,funny, odd. it is not great novel but it is good.

(YA- 12 and Up)

Stars: * * * 3.4

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Book: Sequins, secrets, and Silver linings

I found this book at the library as always and had to read it when I found out it was from the UK. It can be so hard to find books from other countries some times. and this looked cute.
And I have to say it was. I liked how this was like the UK's The Daughters. and I found it really fun and easy to read. I loved the how story with Crow and how she.... well read it for your self to know the awesome story that is hide in in side the book.
what I did not always like was how it was just like every other book i had read like it. the fact that it showed  3 girls that are just like every non-teen thinks teen-agers are. we are not  either fake in want to be an actor. we are not young workers and we are not the young girl trying to find her self in cloths. we are more then that and I wish the book would have tried harder to show us that. but other then that it was all good. I liked how it was cute it was. and how it was just a nice story of teen age friendship and how it is always changing and how you can still stay friends if you try.

(Tween/YA 11 and up)

Stars: * * * 3.7

Thursday, September 29, 2011


So as many of you know, I read Graceling. and well I did like it. but I had a hard time with some of the thing in the book and well just look at the review your self.  So I had started Fire a while back and never got to finsh it because I had to many other books I had to read first. And I still have to many books I am want to read and no time to read them all. but I thought to my self I will go ahead and read fire because I will kick my self some day if I don't even if the book is bad or good. So I started fire again. and again I got in to it. I like it.  but some times I feel that Fire can't make up her mind. sometimes she feels good about who she is and other times she hates it. and normally I like that but in this book they have the big "ah" and then she goes right back to where she was before. and that is not really how it should go in my book.anand ask the book jumps a lot in timing and though. one mine sec one thing is going happen then the next something that makes no since what  happens.And for some reason Ms.Cashore loves to hurt everyone in the book in the weirdest ways. Like in this she does all this stuff to fire and others that is just wrong and has no point other then making you want to kill your self. I know everyone loves Fire. but all the people that do are not teens and feel that this is the real world. being a teen is hard with out books like this to nock you down.
Also there is this hole lame twist at the end that is BS. and there is this hole thing with Fire and kids that is just point less. Cashore has all the great bones of a story but she can't ever get the skin or the hair the book ends up all wrong. But this one ended a little better then Graceling at the lest. but again not very good. If this was a movie it would work better. but as it is a book it just does not work as great. I know many of you are going to say you love this book. and Yes there is something so lovable about this book. In the middle of the book you find your self in love. then after that the book starts to go down hill again. and they add in all of theses things that we just don't need to know and that does not need to happen. it is messed up in the way that after reading this and Graceling I am starting to get the feeling that the story is all write in the feel of the sec* style.
It is a hard book to review because of that.
so do not feel bad when I say that I have an over feeling of dislike to the way things play out. I think that Cashore could pull things together a little more she could one of the greatest YA ever.

over  good book but needs work.

(YA- 15 and up)

Stars: * * 2.6

* feel of the sec style is a style of writing where you write only what you feel at the time, and none of it have you thought about doing before.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Book:The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Well a couple of years ago a friend gave me a signed copy of this book i started it but never finished it until the book club at my library had picked the book for that months read.Now on to the book, Brian Selznick created a vary odd and new way of telling his great story the tons of pictures and words, also he splits the book in to two parts.  the first of witch has to reading non stop till you get the answer to the question ask the role first half then when you get the answer you will then have to read the second half to understand it it and trust me you like it. the writing is vary well done the pictures are AMAZING, but it's one of the only books i know to have Rights at the end do to having Photos form old silent movies. do yourself a favor and read this book. the story is fantastic and evolves so well that you will fall in love with it. and when your done reading this you should go read his other book Wonder Struck which i will be posting a review of shortly.

Stars: * * * * 4.9

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Book: Uncommon Criminals

I loved the first book so I was over the moon to hear about this one. I and how could I know when the news was going nuts that that these books where going to be made in to a movie. and that Drew Barrymore  was going to be a part of it. I have a good friend how has also read these books and would love to play Kat in the movies so I had to read a lot about what the plans are for the movie and stuff.
But anyway on to the book. I have to say I really liked it. It was not  like the first in a lot of ways. In the first one it was more like  a spy movie. They way the group comes together. This one is more like  the not so hot  movie that follows. It was a lot like you would think the sequel to Heist society would be. it should us more of the ups and downs. the things you have to give up to be in this kind of job. and in that way it was like the downer end of a sequel. But that does not mean I did not like it.I really liked it. I thought it was well down. But what I am saying is that I think more people are going to say it is okay. where as with the first everyone was like " I love this book!" and everyone was going nuts for it. I hope that that the unlucky 3 does not hit on the next book though because that would kill the series.
but one thing that happened a lot in the book was some times I would I liked it and sometimes loved it. It was very funny and it was very hard core at times. And we got to see a much harder side of Kat. We also got to see her when she thought she had messed up big time.  I also liked to see her and Hale and how things went down with them.and how they had to act about it when there was a job going on.  At times I found my self forgetting how old she was. she is 15. and yes she did have a lot of hard things and yes she did have to grow up a lot. but she seemed more like 16 to me. one year might not seem like a lot to the every day reader but one year can make or make some one. like look at what happens to you in a year. you grew up more. I think Kat should have been just one year older. but maybe that is just me. I really liked the book over all. I thought the case was really cool. and not something I have read about before. What I wish there would have been more of  is having Kat have to lean on her team a little more. but I am  very happy with the way everyone has there own voice. So many times you see  in sequel every one starts to have the same voice. I liked how it made it clear that everyone was who they are. and as always who does not love Kat? she is strong,smart, and well a lot like a Cat. she likes to be on her own but when she finds some one she can trust she trys to stay with them. I that this book does a good job of  showing us more of this world. I  also love all of the code names. Jack and Jill. I would like to know what they are though. hopefully that will be in the next book. that in a one thing I did miss was a note from the the writer. In the last one she had a note to the reader telling you about the case and what true what was not and why she picked it to be the case. I feel that is was lame on her part not to do that for the readers. it is always nice when the writer of a book takes the time to write us ( the reader ) a note.
Over all it was great. it was not all around the best book I have ever read but it was not trying to be. and I like that.

(YA- 12 and up)

Stars: * * * * 4.7

Friday, September 16, 2011

Movie:Kinky Boots

when a friend said I should watch this movie I laughed in her face. I did not want to see this small weird creep of a movie. but when my family wanted to watch it. I went with it. and I have to say that this movie may look weird and even maybe a little weird it rock. one of the best movies I have seen in a long long time. I love this movie.  it is not the best movie ever made but it is good. it is a movie that was not made with a ton of money so i does not look as great as other studio films. it sounds crazy and it is a little crazy but this is a movie everyone should see. it shows us our lives now and from now one. I like how it shows us that just because some of us are gay or drag queens does not mean we are not human and that they are not good people to. I like this one because it is not pushy. it is just a story of life. that is what is nice about a movie like this. and I hope you all like it to. because if you don't I don't know what is wrong with you.over all very good.
Stars:  * * * * * 4.7

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I have heard a lot if good things about this book.I have really wnated to read it but have not had the time. So when I saw this at the book store I had to get it. And I have to say that I loved the cover. But was sad to read that it had nothing to do with the cover.that really made me mad. I like the dress. but it had nothing to do with the green thing. I wish it would have been a scene from the book on the cover. the cover is cool. just not for the book its self.
as for the book. I liked it. but it was very slow book. the opening was awesome. but I was a little let down when the book stayed slow. I wanted more. I wanted to  more Si-Fi stuff. but there was none. yes it was really good Si-Fi. but it missed the high drama that comes with Si-fi. that is one of the keys to good Si-fi. it has to have lots of drama. it needs people fighting. love. anger, but this book missed that. other then I liked it okay. I liked the people in the story alright. they were good. need a little more to be good.
so really I was happy with the opening and mad at the end. it was to up in the air. and it did not leave me wanting to read the next one. I wish that this would have been just a little longer and that I could have had a good ending. what I would have also liked is that she write lots of books in the world she has made but that they are not about the people in this book.
 I think that teens will like this book because it shows us how we may feel powerless but be still make the choices that give us and other people the power. I like that in this book. I like how it shows us that some times we are alone. and that we have to do what is hard. and for a long time in the book that was not to talk not to tell any one what was going on.
also the book talks about how taking the choice away from the people will not take away the fact that they are people. and I like that. there is a lot of good in this book too.
so over all I liked and disliked this book. so this is a good  book for fans of slow  Si-Fi.

( YA- 13 and up. mostly for things that  younger kids do not get yet.)

Stars: * * *  3.7

Sunday, August 14, 2011


 I  read the first one Nightshade. and needless to say I did not like it ( read review for full thoughts). so when I saw this book at the library I knew I had to read if only to trash it in the review. I start this one trying to be open minded. and I have to say that I liked this one more. I could feel that Calla loved Shay but still had feelings for Ren. which is how it always goes in love I think. you still love your old boyfriend even if you love your new boyfriend . in the first one I did not see the love. I did not see one little bit of love anywhere. but this one I could see it.this one unlike the first on was a fast just whent by with out knowing it I had read over  200 pages.
but that does not mean I liked it. it was still pretty trash and I found my self sighing a lot at the book. I thought it moved a little to fast at some parts and to slow at others. which was not very nice. I like my books to be same in pase untill the end. which is where I like it to get much faster.
what I did not like was the writing or the end. they both seemed like half baked and we all hate half baked cookies. or at lest I do. but any way. the end was BS. big time. and I think that Mrs.Cremer was not happy with her own style and so she tried to write like some one else. and the truth is most great writers is that they know they're style and they stay with it no matter what other people think.
over all better then the first but still really bad.
( YA-13. mostly killing and they make it sound like to people have sex. well really the tell you they do. but they don't go to far with it)
Stars: * * 2.6

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Book Abandon

I love meg's books and the fact that every time she writes a book she always keeps the best things about her writing but she keeps it new and fun. I really liked this was so good. not like I like her other books. I love her other books. but what I like is that this one is so new. it is not like  her other books.
this book was really good. I like people. I like the way the story plays out. it is a little slow at first but it gets a little faster. not by much.  but some how I did not mind at all.  meg has  a very very natural writing. that is easy and fun to read. and on top of that she is a great story teller. she knows how to make people and they're world come to life.
I liked how this book was dark. but it was about death and not werewolf's and stuff. it  was nice to read something that was done like this. the only thing I did not like was  how things did not always add up. she  did a bad job of making it a cliff hanger with out making it a cliff hanger.  well that is just about all I have to say about abandon. other then it was over good. not her best but very good.
this is a book for fans of her and fans of most books.

( YA-13 and up)
Stars: * * * 3.7

Book: City Of Bones

So as you know I read the book Clock Work Angel and well I loved. and I feel the same about this one.
on one page I love it the next I hate it. as you can see it is not an easy book to read. but I have to keep reading.  this book is like secret life to me.  I hate it because I love it. I do not like all the killing and the way that the book always keep trying to get you ip set about everything.but I do like the love stories in these books. how they feel the same way I do about this book, you love them for a while, you hate them the next ( or pages in my case). but in anyway case I found my self liking the book. mostly because I was starting to like Jace.Ms.Clare is very good at making the people very real and making them likable. they are the reason you keep reading even after you get made as the story gets worse.  and I found my self wishing more and more that he and Clary would hook up. so need else to say I did not like the end every much. I am hoping that clare will make up for the bad end in the next book. but the one nice thing about the end is how she did it. she showed us one thing and we all saw it coming but there was so much more going on that I did not see coming at all. so with that being said I find my self were I was with her other book ( clock work angel see above). I will read the next book soon. but it will take some time to get over this one. I can not wait to see the movie.
over all this book is some people's cup  and others will hate it, and others will be like me and do both.
as far as what books it is like I don't know. it is one of those books you have to try and see how you like it.
but one thing some one said is that "this book is like a bad harry potter.  it shows us what trash J.K. could have written. only thing is she would not have gotten away with it like Clare did."
(YA-15 and up. for blood  and so on)
Stars: * * * 3.4

Clare's web page

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Movie:The Ghost Writer

I love this movie. I have not read this book. and would not have watch this if it was not for my dad telling me I had to see it.he had read the book and was dieting to see the movie. so I watched it. and I have to say I loved it. my fave thing about this movie other then the awesome story was the lighting. it was awesome. and this  movie was great over all. I don't think many people who do not live for movies have seen it but really you should see it, even if you do not like it or care for it watch it. because it shows us where movies could go. it shows us  where we have the power to take a film. this movie was for the most part stand alone. I have never seen a film or read a book like this one.  and I loved the acting. this film was great. a must see. so cool.I think the story is well done and  over all it comes off really real. 
( PG-13) 
Stars: * * * * 4.7          

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Book: The Truth About Forever

I love Dessen's books. I have only read along for the ride and heard a little of lock and key.
 so when the library  got this I thought yeah I should get it. I love reading her books in the summer.
so I did. and I have to say I loved it like always. she writes really good books.
they almost have a heart beating in them when you read them. there is something so human about the people and the story. I love this one. I like along for the ride to. but this one was great. it is so much like  life.   I  can see this being the story of some one I know.
Dessen makes writing a story look easy. like anyone can do things like her. the Truth is that very few people can write books as good as her. and I for one am one of the many fans of her book.  I love this book. I like how the love story does not over power the story its self.
anything I did not like? well not that I can think of. if I were to reread the book then I would mostly come up with a few small things. but as of right now. nothing.
 over all I love this book deeply. and think that it is a great summer read.
(YA-13 and up. nothing to bad in this book. it is mostly alright for for 13 and up.)
Star:* * * * 4.7

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Book: The Time Traveling Fashionista

So I saw this book at the library and grabbed it because I thought it looked cuted. Then I fell in love with the art in the book. This book is good for older kids. But it is also  great for kids 11 and up. The age where you are not kids and not really a full teen. in other worlds you are a tween. If I had read this when I was a tween it would have been my fave book. It has fashion and time travel two of my fave things in the world. It makes for great fun. I love the people in it.And the feel was so cool. Miss.Turetsky really got the feeling down at times I felt like I was right there with her. I could see the cloths. and thats something that I loved.
the idea was so fresh and clean it was just lovely to read.
Beautiful art from the book
The only thing with them was that they some times were a little to dumb for my liking. I like it better when they are smart and can take care of them selfs a little more.I wish she would have been just a little stronger. b But other then that I really liked. It was sweet and fun and over all good. Its one that I think a lot of young ladies are going to never want to put it down once they see it. And its a great summer/fall read.

Star:**** 4.0

( YA- 12 and up -Mostly an older Tween book. Over all pretty clean. I think that most parents wouldn't find anything wrong with it)

Monday, July 04, 2011

Movie:The Fifth Element

I have heard  this movie is good. both from my family and from the book Classy.  I am not sure how I  ended up watching this movie but I did.  and I love this movie. that is all I can say. I love it. it rocks. it is funny but it has a good story. almost everything is done right. the only 3 things that are not is 1: the sets look like star wars way to much.  2: I hate what LeeLoo wears it is not cool at all. 3: the poster ( as seen here) sucks. it really does I would not have gone to see this movie with this poster. it  looks like crap.
but with that a side these movie is one you have to see if you have not seen it. it is to good to miss out on. it is one of those movies that you have to watch other wises you can not say you have seen Si-fi or a good movie. so what this movie it is good. take it from me. and if not from me then from Classy. and if not from him then from the si-fi world.  and if not from them then oh well you get the point. you should see this movie.

( PG-13- for sex, killing,blood, creepy images, being Si-Fi  and so on)

Stars: * * * * 5.0

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Aliens On Vacation

this book is a little young to be YA. but it is so cute and fun and really what a nice kids book should be that I just love it. I can see why disney is going to make it in to a movie. just a really good book.
how did I find this book? well my library found it for me. she was going to read it with her daughter. how did she get the book? well the guy who wrote this, his mom lives in my home town. and knows my library. and my mom. so with  that a side this book is so cute and I just loved it. do you know how hard it is to find a good kids book like this? well there are a lot out there because more people right for kids then YA. and I can see why. books like this will have kids beging and crying and yelling for more. I know what I want to one of them to. and that I will go out of my way to see this movie when it comes out.  has a story like this been told before? yes. but not with aliens on VAK. and whats wrong with the fack that the story has been used before. It is very good with books like this one. when done right like this one is. so if you every want to read a kids book or have a little kid friend that is 8 and up give them this book. and tell them to just read it. they will love it. unless they hate aliens and to laught and all books. and everything that is good and beautiful. it they have any or all of these then you will never find a gift for them. If they love all that is good and beautiful and like aliens and to laught and have a good time then get them this book right here.

(kids- 8 and up)
Stars: * * * * 4.7

Movie: The Tourist

Every one said this movie was a wast. So I did not think it would be very good.  so yeah it would not the best of movies. but it is fun. I like it, a lot. and I love Johnny Depp. for an old guy he is really hot. like really.  and as far as Angelina Jolie goes I like her but her make-up  was way  heavy. She had so much on. and as for the story? well it was not great but I like it. I really like this movie. it is fun. and movies like books sometimes you need something lighter.  and come on this movie was just fun.  I liked it. and come on the end was fun. this movie is one that families will watch for fun for years to come.  so over all I like this film. a really good Rom- Com 

Stars: * * *  3.7

Friday, July 01, 2011

Book: Falling For Hamlet

First off I have never read Hamlet. But it do know the story of it. and I do love this story. This book does a great Job of getting the story to young people today.Telling it in away that is easy to understand the feeling behind Hamlet.Sometimes it a little hard to get things clear and understand it when its in old english. I think that lots of people will love this. They will get the story the people and why it is trying to say to us about them and about our selfs.
But the writing was not always great and I think when doing a story like Hamlet they would have work a little hard on getting the writing a little better.I did love how well written the characters are. It was very cool to watch how Hamlet slowly changes. That was the best part of the book. and I think its something we can all learn from.And its something I wold like to see in more YA books.
I did and did not like how she changed what happened to ophelia. I found I liked her but did not like the change in a good story like hamlet.
over all I really did like this book. and think that others will just love it.

(YA- 14 and up. for talk of sex and they all get very drunk and other stuff like that)

Stars:*** 3.8

I was given a copy of the book by the publisher. This did not in anyway effect my review or thoughts on the book. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Movie:Tron legacy

I have not seen the first Tron. but I bet it was a lot better then this one. This one was great to look at.but it was not very good because of the screenplay.  Sam was lame. I'm sorry tron fans. but it is true. I did not know the guy so I did not care what happened to him. but   Quorra.She was cool. sweet smart. She was the only other good thing in the movie other them the CGI.So not that great. all because of bad story. they tried. really. but they did not do it. because they did not give us Sam. they gave us tron. which how can you care about tron with out sam? and the end was to fast. over all bad timing and story was the death of this movie. 

maybe in 10 years they can make a new and better one. 


Stars: * *2.6

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Book: Across the Universe

Now as geeky as it is to say I love Si-Fi. But not any. The good stuff that shows us what it is like to human. And what are we doing. Are we right? Are we wrong? Could we do it better? And this book did that. It ask so many things. An it did it right. Only thing is I don't know if in the wrong hands this book could make some bad things are. But anyway this book is great! Things are hard to read in this at points. it was great and just what Si-Fi should be. I have a feeling that Beth is going to be a great YA writer. this book is one of my New faves.  i just love this book. it was so good. it is a must read for any one who likes any thing Si-Fi. it is just great. I loove it so much!even though i saw the end coming.  still it is a have to read. just great. if it was not for the name i would say make it in to a movie. call it Amy or Godspeed. over great.really read it. it will change your life. the only down to this book is that is the wrong hands it could change the world in some every bad ways. but let us hope that will not happen.
Across The Universe (the Book).com

( YA- 13 and up)

Stars: * * * * * 5.0

Movie:The Kings Speech

I can see why it won the oscar. Some people hated  the film. and I can some what see why. I wanted to see the movie. but was not sure if I would like it. but I loved it. it was very well done. it was just great. I can see why people could relate to the King. and the actor was great ( He did win his oscar for this film)!it was just great. it makes making movies look easy ( which they are not). it was one of the best films I have seen in a long time.  the acting was great. over all mind blowing movie. it was like a good old 1930s movie but better. much much better. a most see film for people who like all kinds of movies! really just what a movie should be. fun cute and all around good. so really see the movie. if you do not you can not ever say what the best movie ever is untill you have seen this one. so just see it already!and if you do not take my word for it take the oscar's word for it.

R ( for saying the F-word 17 times and mouthing it 3 times. also they say the  S-word 20 times. other then that there was really nothing in it).

Stars: * * * * * * * * * 5.0

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Book: Karma

this book was really sounds like a Downer but it's not. it's really good. like the way it is writen. it's cool. the book is really fresh. which is nice. because most things these days nothing is very fresh. how can't it be? anyway back to the book. I like the book it was full of heart. and I love books set in india or anywhere with sand.lots of it. I really like sandeep. most of the time I read books and never like the guys in them (twilight case and point). I thought that it was really cool book. I liked they way it showed in a nice-ish way how things are/where over there to women. and how we really should work to help them if we can.
over all really good book. one lots of people will love if they ever get a chance to read it.

(YA-14 and up for some grown up drama.)
Stars: * *** 4.5

Friday, June 03, 2011

TV Show: Secret life of the american teenager

This show is not as bad as I thought. but that does not mean it is good. it is pretty bad. but I still watched it. I think that things go up and down in a weird way. and it does not have the best writers working on it. I think it could be better if you worked harder on it. but it is a hard show to stop watching. I just wish that the girls/guys in the show more likable then they are. they are not really people you look up to or like. and I can not see me or my friends being good friends with any of them.and it is not because Amy had a baby but because she does not seem like a nice girl. yes in the first year she does. but after that she just gets mean. and she stops caring about people in a nice way. it is all about her. and you would think that with her being a mom she would be looking out for john  a little more. but other then that I like the show and find my self unable to stop watching it. there is a need to know what they will do next. and by the by I love that Ash is now going to school at home now. it works way better for her it seems to me. 
TV-14  ( you just have to look at the cover to see why)
Stars: * *  2.9


  0 (0%)
Prince Of Persia :The Sands Of Time   
  1 (33%)
  1 (33%)
Imagine That
  0 (0%)
Clash Of The Titans ( NEW ONE)
  1 (33%)


I loved the first of this book. I though it was great. I loved Demi and sayde. I liked the idea of the story. But sadly as good as the book was the last ten pages SUCKED!!I mean really. So this book is great if you read up to the last ten pages and make up your own ending. Only one good thing happens and that was not even very good. So a must read but as long as you skip the end all together.
So other then that it was a smart witty book. That was really very good. I liked it ( well save the last pages). I feel that the book was good over all. but i feel like the end was not really well planed. it felt too fast and to sad. nothing good came of it. so I wish there had been more. I would like to see more books about the school but with new kids. I think that would be the only way to fix the end of this book.
over all i liked the hole old movie song stuff and the people in the book. i just did not like the end. so like I said if you change the end and you have a great book. stay with her ending and the book is a just a pain.

(YA- 12 and up. nothing much. just making out and some gay guys and they  list an R movie ( fame) as one of Sarah's fave movies. so unless you dont like making out  and  Fame because its R then you might want to wait. )
Stars:  * * * * 4.9 ( with my end) * * * 3.4 with Her end.

Book:The Hobbit

So the April book club pick is The Hobbit. I have not seen the Lord Of The Rings before or read them. I has never really cared for them. I wanted to read them. But always thought I would read them someday. So I was happy to hear that this was the book club pick. I was happy with the start. It made me think of one of my fave books ever, The lion, the witch and... So I was happy with it. I like it.
The book is great. But to tell the truth this did not make a good book club pick.because not every one could read it(because of school or family stuff and so on). It was fun. But no one had anything to say about it. So over all not that great for sitting around and talking.
But that does not mean that the book is bad. It just means it was to good to really talk about. Every one feels the same. its good. see why people love it. but that was all. There was nothing else to talk about.  so bad book club. but great book.

( older Kids/ YA but  people all ages love it)

Stars: * * * * 4.9

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Book: Dash and Lily's book of dares

This book was pretty good. I do not know if I like every thing in the book. it was good. the Ending was a little odd. it just end that part of Lily's and dash's life. i love the idea of the red note book. The story played out like life really does. and it was very fun to read and hard at other parts. I think how the book was told was good. having there be two people writing two people really makes things better and cooler to read.The book is nice for you see that there are to sides to every story. I really want to cohn's and levithan's books after this one ( yes. I have not seen or read Nick and Norah's infinite playlist.but I will now). a sweet X-mas break book. short but sweet in a good way. over all a good book. great for people who want to read about really life really love and that sometimes you just have to see things to the end before you break your own heart over it.

(YA-15 and up. For bad words and some sex talk and teenage stuff.)

Stars: * * * * 4.7

Reread:Book: Gateway

I loved this book the first time I read it. and I have to say I was so happy to hear that with was going to be the club book pick for March.
And so yes there are things wrong with this book. but I love it. i think that this  great. it is  sweet story. but after talking about it with the group. the book could use some work. I would like to see more from the story and the writer  soon. hopefully we can see  a GateWay 2 some time soon.

Book Club Talk:   no one really fell in love with the book like me. but some liked it others hated. one thing we all thought is that there should be a book two.and in it they should  find out that the bad guy in this book is really working for  the Bad God. and so they have to go from world to world trying to find the works of the bad God. and The Main girl and Guy of this book also be looking for a world where they can get married and have kids!!! we all thought that would be the best idea there is.

( YA-11)
Group Stars:  * *  * 2.6
My Stars: * * * * 4.7

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Book: Rock What You've Got

 Okay here is another self help book that I think is a must read for all Teen girls.  so before I tell you about the review I have to tell you why I read it and how I felt about my self. I have always been happy with who I am as a human, but never with how a look.But this book changed all of that. I think it will do the same for you.I did not see eye to eye with every thing. I do not think we can say Dolls and TV made us think this way about our self.but I see  eye to eye with every thing else.I think that this book can help you feel good.really read it! even if you  love your body read it for fun. there is not harm in trying this book!

(Teen-14 and up)
Star:  * * * *  4.4

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Movie: You Again

You Again is a laugh out loud movie! a cute sweet movie.Great cast. I love this movie. It's not a life changing movie.but it is a really fun. And who can't love a Betty white movie?! This is not a great movie. But it's fun. As a great as hard movies Are some time we need a break. And this is just the movie to break with. All though the thinks in the movie would really go down like that. It's still fun.over all pretty good movie. And a must watch if you like chick ficks.


Star:*** 3.7

Friday, April 08, 2011

Book: Wish Upon A Time

 So I picked up this book for the cover. then the inside  cover stole my heart.I could not wait to read this book. And as I was reading I found my self in a book of greatness.  this is a sister book ( for me) too The Lion, The Witch and Harry Potter. this book is free. It is beautiful. it had me daydreaming about why not?  it had me crying at its Magic and dreams.  Eyelash is not like every other story book girl. and this is a story that should be read and love by the hole world. it is a book that will send kids in to the world of dreams. I love the way that  they match the really world and this world! I love this! This book is just great. I like  the story and the writing style. a lot. I like how it shows us war and how bad it really is. this is a book all of you must read! Top  of the list book. This is a book that kids will love years and years and years to come. This book is just great! when I say ever one should read it I mean every one! it is a must read! every should it will change your life. you will dream like never before! and the end was just as good as the rest! you have to give the good a try I really try! this book will steel you heart!
( YA-11 I guess but mostly 13 and up)
Stars: * * * * * * * * 5.0 but it should be more.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Book: Rich and Mad

this was as bad as it sounds. I was hoping for something good but all I got was a book to a bad ABCfamily movie. If you love ABCfamily dramas then you might like this book. And you might not. It is not all that great. I like how there was Mad Then Richs side of the story. And I hated Grace. If you want to read this book I can give you a list of book that to read. This book just goes to show you that screenplay writers should almost never write a book for teens. EVER! Get it!! Good! That is not to say he was not a good writer.bits just that screenwrites have to much going on. They write books like movies. And it does not always work right. Sometimes it does. And in a case like this on it does not. It work at some parts in this because of that.but mosty not.this book did have some good things though, in like Kitty. She was cute. And I liked Leo. Now before you go jumping down on me like a pack of mad wolfs! I only liked because I think that it can help lots of young women everywhere. But I did not like anything else about this book.
Over all not really very good.
(YA-15 and up)
Stars:** 2.6

Saturday, March 19, 2011


This is Feb's book for the book club. it is again a retelling of East Of The Sun,West Of The Moon. this one started off nicely then went bad. it does not keep true to the fairy tale its self. and I found it to be boring,long and enjoyable. the hole thing with the baby was just a  time killer and made the book long and feel hopeless.I think that when it is a fairy tale with no chance of ever happening it show be fun to read and over all light. I did not like Cassie. I thought she was by far the worst hero of all the east of the sun west of the moon books I have read for Teens. But I did like how she says she loves the bear just like in Sun and Moon,Ice And Snow.  unlike in East . I did not like the hole thing with the baby. I my self do not like it when they have teensmoms in looks for Teens ( unless it is a book about teen mom's). and I did not like how she was  with that guy. the book started great, the middle was just a mess, the end ( like the every last page) was okay.
Over all the book was okay. well not really okay. it was pretty bad. really was bad.   but I am happy that I read it.
 Book Club Talk: some one at the book club said it was odd how she fell in love with the Man/bear that locked her up. Which after hearing that I felt really weird about this book. over all everyone at the book club hated it.  they thought the writing was bad and that it was just lame. over all they thought it was 2.2 * * stars.

(YA-14 and up)
Stars:  * *  2.6 1/2

Book: Stork

I when I saw the book at the library I thought "stork?" I had seen some reviews of it and thought that I should read it. I did not have high hopes for the book. but was very happy when I found that it was really good. not great but good.I like Kat and the hole LA to Small no where town. I thought she was very funny. and I love how she looked at everything like a really LA beach girl. I thought she had a lot going for her. I think that with out her sass and witt the book would not have been any were as good as it was.I thought that it was cool to read about her. The writer did a lot of thinking about her story. which was good because it made Kat feel and sound pretty really as I read it. One thing I did not like was jake. I know I know jake was great for some of you. but I did not lke him at all. I thought he was all wrong for Kat.I'm sorry I know a lot of you might have liked him but I really did not. I did not like he asked her to change her stlye. or how she will not go to the school of her dreams for him.if he loves her them he would get it not ask her to change for him. so with that aside I thought the book was good. not great but it was nice not to read about Vamps or Werewolfs. after reading this I could see my self reading more books about storks. I think it would be cool to see some books for Teens about storks for a change.
Over all a good book. I would change something but thats just me

( YA-12 and up)
 Star:* * * 3.4

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Book:I Kissed A Zombie, And I liked It

This book was okay. not the best book but it was fun.I liked how it made fun of all the books like twilight and Shiver. But I was shocked at how it moved me. Doug's story touched me. it would not have moved me at all if it was not for the fact that a good friend of mine just lost her sister in a car crash. so this book might not move any one else but it did move me. not it was not like a big " Aha" but it did make me think. it made me want to try to live my life better. so it was good to read this book for that. I did like the love story of this book. over all not the best book in the world but it was okay. sort and sweet which I really liked. I was happy that the book did not go on for every like some books these days do. that it was funny but had a sweet part.
over all good not great but happy I read it.

( YA 13- and up)
 Stars: * * * 3.8

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Book: I Am Number Four

I was very happy to find out that this was not just a movie but a book to. but some thing some one told me was that this is a book that was written only for muney. the really writer of the book can not make any muney off of it. he/she was payed like $15 to an hour to write the book. but has no writes to it.and as I was reading the book I thought that it might be true because the book was written like a screenplay, not a book. which is why Mr.Bay loved the book and made it in to a movie ( which I can not wait to see).The for a Screenplay was great! it was set up like a movie. and it was timed out like a movie. but as book I Am Number Four was not so great. things did not work right for a book. and it was not written like a book really. I like John/Four. I loved Henry. I thought Sarah and Sam were okay not great. but were good back ups when you look at it as a Screenplay not a book. as a Book I think that they were not so great and did not really make sence. i get that they had a part to play in the story but some thing was just off about them.
over all the book makes for a great Screenplay and should be read as a screenplay. as a book it is a fast read. not great.not really the Si-Fi I like. boys will like it. and it is fun.

(YA-13 and up)
Stars:(as a Book)* * 2.8
Stars:(as A Screenplay)* * * * 4.6

( I add this  pic because  I felt like I was reading a screenplay not a book so I had to add it. and it is so cool!)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Book: Night Shade

This is another one of those books that looks great gets, great views, sells great but is pretty bad from page one.It was other try-to-hard opening. and needless ro say the book did not get any better.Werewolfs. A girl in love with two guys. Sound like every other book you have read lately. Yeah, I thought so. one thing that I hated and did not get was the hole "I am a girl so he can but can't touch me". I do not get what the wrtiter is trying to do. is she saying " girls live the princess life" or " girls see how wrong don't let a man ruler your world!" if it is 2 then good try. but girls think the wrong thing. they think it is 1 not 2.I think this book is wrong for the way that it did this. we are trying to show girls they do not need a man they just need them selfs. they do not have to "give" them selfs to man or men. it is WRONG! girls do not need men to get jobs or live a great life!!!
and as for every thing else in the book. it was just off! all off.
and the end of the book was just a big let down. I was hoping up till the last page that something good would happen but it only got worst! I did not even think it could but it did!so over all I think that if you like books about back world werewolfs this is the book for you. they put down women and say it is all right to let a man push you around. AND IT IS NOT OKAY!! EVER!!! WOMEN CAN AND SHOULD STAND UP WHEN ALL MEN LIKE THE MEN IN THIS WANT IS SEX!!!!!!!! so if  think that it is okay just because he is your boss then this book is great. if you see eye to eye with me that it is not okay to do what they are doing in this book then do not read it!

(YA-15 and up. I think it is more 13 and up but I feel 15 that way younger teens  don't get the idea that it is okay to do things like in the book)
Stars: * * 2.6

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Book:Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow

this book (just like East) is a retelling of the fairy tale east of the sun west of the moon( this was not a book club pick I want to read it for you all and for my self so I would know the best East Of The Sun wets of the moon retelling there is for teens). But this one unlike East is true to the fairy tale. this one was much funner to read. east was good but it was more of a good book. this was a Fairy Tale.i really like this book. it is not great writing. but the story was great. and I really like The Lass. she was a cool girl. in the story east of 'the sun,west of the moon' I do not always like the girl. but in this one I did like the Lass.I would have liked if they used her name more but that was just part of the story. I liked the part with the winds it was pretty cool. I wish that Jess would have painted a bigger picture and would have told us more about what people and things looked like.I have to say I really like it. it was really nice to read a fairy tale that was a fairy tale for once.Very nicely done. so far My fav retelling of east of the sun west of the moon.
Over all not great writing but great story and I loved Lassy.

( YA-13 and up)

Stars: * * * * 4.7

( I wish the cover was a little cooler. and I think it  should the  white Bear on it.)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Poll: Which Out Of These Books Shoud Be Movie?

Here is the what the reads/Voters had to say!
Secrets of My Hollywood Life
  4 (16%)
  5 (20%)
Gemma Doyle
  6 (25%)
39 Clues
  6 (25%)
Along For The Ride
  3 (12%)
  3 (12%)
Enola Holmes
  11 (45%)
Gateway( By Shinn)
  5 (20%)
Sea Change
  4 (16%)
The Luxe Books
  3 (12%)
Darkest Powers
  3 (12%)
  6 (25%)
The Daughters
  4 (16%)
Magic Under Glass
  4 (16%)

Looks like Enola wins! Again!
and in last place is  well a lot of books but how cares!


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