Wednesday, April 28, 2010


well it was great - but not great for a Meg Cabot book. I think that she wrote it the best she or any could have. it is not any easy story to tell.And to have to up with a book to follow Being Nikki is very very very hard to do. but Meg did write a book that almost ever one will love. I did not love it as I was reading it but when I was done with it I did. Runaway is not one of Megs best books-but as a book it is  great! I did not see it coming! I hope that Meg can write a good book to follow this ( and I do not mean an Airhead book).
Over all a very very very good book!
Stars: * * * * *

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Book:Heist Society

well I love the 39 clues.and I love this book. it is fun to read. full of a story like some thing from one of the Oceans movies it had me think of spies and lies. I loved the way it tells a story of art. I think that it is a great fun read. it tells the story of a life I will never live. but the way Ally Carter writes it you feel you are right there in it all.  really a good. I think that she did a very good job with the story. I would have liked to hear more about ever one in the book.really a just for fun book.
Stars:* * * *

Poll:what out of these is your Fav?(4/15/10 poll)

well here is the winner
well in this poll it was
1. The Gemma Doyle books & sea change@50%
2.Enola Holmes&39 Clues @  42%
3.Flygirl @ 35%
4.airhead @28%
  5.shiver,the luxe books and gossip girl  @ 7%

Movie: 27 dresses

So I saw it at the library and was like I show watch this with my mom. she and I might like it. and we did. not the best movie ever but it was good.  it was just a movie about some ones life. The idea is cool and new. it is a fun movie to watch. some of it was funny some of it was not.  I think it could have used a little more of the funny. but I really like it and think what it is a great movie to watch when you do not know that to do or what movie you want to watch.
Over all very very very good for a "Chick" movie.

( PG-13)

Stars: * * *

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Movie:Sherlock Holmes ( The new One)

well I am a BIG fan of Enola Holmes as all of you know by now. so I though I would go see the new movie just for the fun of it.
and well I LOVED it! I think that it is great!  The cast was great!they are great together in the movie. I think that if you are a fan of Enola this is  the movie for you. if you are a fan of the movie read  the Enola Holmes book. they go together like tea and a good old cookie.  Really over all a very very good moive!
 Stars: * * * * * *

book: Theodosia:Theodosia And The Staff Of Osiris(#2)

GREAT!very  Nancy Drew/Indiana Jones. Great story.  People will love this book more then #1! Really one of the better books I have read.
I love all the spells! It is a book you can't and don't want to put down!It is one of the books like harry potter in the way that ever one finds some thing in it they love. Theodosia is  so funny  that I was cry at some things. the why she is with  her grandmother! I hope that they have Henry in the next book. he does add some thing to the books. really  great book! over all one of the best
Stars: * * * * * 

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Movie: Love Happens

Really good movie. I can not see why people did not like it. I though it was really good. much better then a lot of movies now a was not just a look in to there life but a look in to how they live life. and how they boom do to the change life gives them. and how not ever one is A-okay and some times you need friends to help you.  the cast was really good! I think that it is one of the better movies I have seen in my life! over all a very good movie!

 Stars: * * * * *
( PG-13)


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