Friday, December 31, 2010

Book: Bright Young Things ( BYT #1)

 So  I have read the Luxe books and had mixed thoughts on it. This book was not like the luxe books at all. I have to say i liked it. it had the good things from the luxe and did not have all of the bad from the luxe books. it was pretty good. I liked some things better. I think that the next book will be okay. I liked this one. but it was not great. I think that it is a book for fans of the luxe books. there are still some things that Miss Anna needs to fix. The girls need to go deeper. and they need to feel more then love and hate.all they do is fall in love and hate people for there love. which is not how love works and is not how she should show it to young girls who read this good. it is said to be for 16 year olds but 11 year olds are reading it. she needs to know that making a soup in to a book never really works for long. but I have to say just like most of the luxe books I am 'into' them some what. and I will be reading and reviewing the next book. But that is only because I like Letty. she is a good girl. young. but bright. ( and also I want to know which on will die). over all, better then the luxe but only so so.
( YA- 16 and up)
Star:* * 2.6

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Book: Avalon High

Well the idea for the book is very weird... so to say, and I do not think any one but Meg could have made it work. I really like this book. some of it did not fit together just write but it was really very good. I like Elle. she is a funny girl. and I like the way the story played out. I did not like every thing. but I did not hate any thing. I think this is a book for all the Meg fans out there ( Like me).It is her book. just right for her fans.I think it makes you think about who is the hero of your school? how could you  help out like Will? and  are you like Jen? Or Elle? I think it is good in that way. but this is not the best book ever. and i think that some of you might start it. but i do not think you will all see it to the end. but good book. fun read. funny.

(YA-13 and up)

Stars: * * * 3.6

Monday, December 27, 2010


This is not a book I would have read if not for this blog. I did not really care for the fact that there is no story and that is just about a girl. I thought that the first page was like the color grey. but as I start to get deeper in to the book the more I feel in love with it. this book has no story. it is like a movie the story is 2 not 1. the people of the story come first in this book. you do not see that a lot because it is very hard to do in a book. in a book you can not write people like they do in movies. it is harder to make the read feel what you people are feeling and even harder to get them to want to read the book just because of the people. but this book did a great job. It did it in a really cool was not done as nicely was it was in Beastly. but it was still done very nicely and I did have fun reading it. this is not a book for every one as it is so unlike books. but it is a great book for lovers of Graceling. the book did go down hill a little. but over all pretty good.
(YA-13 and up)
Stars: * * * 3.2

Reviewed by Daydreamer Ash

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Movie: Prince Of Persia :The Sands Of Time

So if this was any other movie I would wait till it comes out on DVD. But this is not just any old movie!this movie kicks some big time butt! yes there was a lot of killing and I was not happy about that. but every thing else rocked! this movie had it all. so did  not push movie making to the cliff but it did do what movies should do. and that is making you forget every thing and have a good time! I am in love with every thing about this movie ( aside from all the killing that is). this is a movie what every one will love. great for girls and boys. really great to watch and to think about. this a movie you will want to see. this is a movie for almost any one. if you like Sherlock Holmes then you will like this movie. really its good!Over all hard not to love this movie.
( PG-13)

Stars: * * * * 4.7

Monday, December 20, 2010

Book:Luxe: Spendor(#4)

Well I have read the other luxe books. and love the idea but hated the way the story played out. it was all to over the top for me and for young YA reads.  And I did not really want to read this book. But I did because of  her new  Bright Young Things ( review to come soon).  And this book is like a higher class rom-novel. I did not find this one to be as fun. just like Envy it was  trashy. it seems that every time a story got good some how it when right back to trash again.  over all pretty lame. but it did show me how much one can love and hate people in books. as I have been reading these books I have come to see that. I love Elizabeth and Linda. but find that I hate Diana. she and henry wear a poor story line and I hope that young girls out there do not look up to trash like her. and to tell the truth if there is some one like Diana in her next book I will not be giving it good reviews. this book says that true love is dark and in the shadows. but it is not. this books gives teen girls the wrong idea which will only get them hurt. Over all this book was so so not great but not the worst book I have ever read in my hole life. it this was just Diana then this would have been but I liked Elizabeth and Linda's stories so it is so so.  
(YA-17 and up)
Stars: * * 2.6

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Book: The Daughters Break The Rules (#2)

I really liked the first book ( The Daughters ) and could not wait for this one. This book was not the way I thought it would be.this book had too messages to the readers. One is not to jug. I thought it was great how it was shown to us. you really got to see what it was like to jug and to be the one who gets jug.  you also saw how some one can change. I thought it was great how we saw that. you mostly see that stuff in movies because it does not work in books right. but it really worked. oh but back to the message of the book. Two was never to lie it only makes telling the truth harder and it only gets you hart.  this was also done like in the movies. but it was done very well.This book is like a Rom-Com in a book. fun with a little downer but great fun to read. I think this is a book for the fans of Secrets Of My Hollywood Life  books. Over  all pretty good very happy I read it.

( YA-12 and up)
 Stars: * * * * 4.5

Saturday, December 04, 2010


 Well I really wanted to see this movie. I thought it was just my movie. well I was wrong. the name says it all. they where killers. And they did kill and they showed it. I liked the movie.But  I do not think that they need to show us the bodies and the blood.  I like the story. It was every funny. great movie to watch if you like Rom-Coms and movies about... well killlers. But the ending is not what you think it will be.just thought you should know before you see it.  I liked the cast. over all is pretty good. but  it is the name. it is like that movie Fool's Gold .

Stars: * * *   3.7


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