Sunday, February 03, 2013

Webshow :House of Cards

I first became very interested in the show because its netflicks first show.The very first thing that they have done on their own. and I feel that is have changed the game. no matter how I feel about the show which we will get into soon. I think that had this aired on HBO it would be a huge hit. People everywhere would be only talking about this. It would also be up for a lot of Awards.Which in away its a shame its a webshow because the people who made the show now miss the chance to get the awards. But on the brightside for them they did a great job and have shown us that Netflix might be the new place for the shows that HBO does not pick up. and I think that its a good thing. Many more people will be signing up for netflix now. You get not only tons of hit and indie films alike but you also get a show that is up there with the top TV shows out there. and the best part you get to watch it all at once if you want or you can slowly watch it when you have time. either way its " a win, win".
Now on the review. the show is not going to be one that many people like. Its starts off very rough. and many might not want to watch the first one.
But something that blows me away is this the fact that Underwood is not a nice guy yet once you start watching the show you can't stop.
Robin Wright is very good. She does not have an easy time.At many times it feels like she is trying to do the right thing in a town were people only do the wrong thing.
Kate Mara is just as talented as her sister and could be a big start if she keeps up the good work. She stands out in this show which is a hard job.
I would also like to talk about the writing which is the hardest part. and they do a great job. I do not like many points of the story. I think that any show that has you watching it even though you hate them. and not the  kind you like to hate. the ones you out and out hate. And I think that this show will be one people are going to talk about for a long time. This show will also be a big helping hand to netflix and other webshows. And this also means not only do we get a great show now but that netflix will be hopefuly more great shows in the future.

( TV-MA )
Stars: * * * 3.7


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