Sunday, June 26, 2011

Movie:Tron legacy

I have not seen the first Tron. but I bet it was a lot better then this one. This one was great to look at.but it was not very good because of the screenplay.  Sam was lame. I'm sorry tron fans. but it is true. I did not know the guy so I did not care what happened to him. but   Quorra.She was cool. sweet smart. She was the only other good thing in the movie other them the CGI.So not that great. all because of bad story. they tried. really. but they did not do it. because they did not give us Sam. they gave us tron. which how can you care about tron with out sam? and the end was to fast. over all bad timing and story was the death of this movie. 

maybe in 10 years they can make a new and better one. 


Stars: * *2.6

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