Monday, December 05, 2011

Book: Wounderstruck

This is a book that I read because of a book club and well it might not live up to  the Invention of Hugo Cabret , it still delivers the same "Wounder" ( :] ) of Hugo Cabret. But this time Brian Selznick goes even further with his new way of writing and style  by making one of his two main characters story tolled through words the other through pictures. Which I  think it is a great novel very compelling story that makes you want to read it all in one day. Very well written, the crafters are great and again so far in both of his books Selznick has made a single image (that are shown in both books) defines the story and it is something that I have not seen before in books. This book is for you should read trust me i think Hugo is better but just by a little. also the level of detail and research that his does for these books if amazing. The way the story comes together like in Hugo is also a delight to read.  i am vary interested to see what other authors might do with this new way of writing a book and I hope Brian will do more books- hopefully in this style again. (but this kind of book takes  a long time to write so fans we have to wait a while till the next book.)

( Tweens/12 and up)

* * * * 4.5

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