Friday, January 21, 2011


This book is not one I would have read if not for the fact that it was a book club read( yes, I am a part-time book club member).And I could not wait to hear what every one had to say about it. So I read it.And I was very happy with the book. it is a retelling of the fairy tale "eadt of the sun,west of the moon". which I saw the movie of as a child. but unlike as a child I love this story. I did not love Rose. but I did love this book. it did not have a lot of heart but it did have a lot of story. I really liked it. the cover is not that great and it is not a book you might pick because of the cover but it is a book book. it is a book for fans of Graceling. I and another girl in the book club read the AIRHEAD books and liked them too. she and I both really like east. really one of the better teen novels.Sadly this book lost momentum around page 334. and it did not pick up again for the rest of the book. I found the end to be all wrong for this book. I feel that the loves story was a like weak for the book and the death a little to much for the book.The fairy tale part
that had the power to be great got played down till the poit where the story was lost in death and sorro.But the opening and most of milde was very good. I just wish that the book could have stayed true to its self and not gone so south.One thing was I did not really love Rose.I feel we did not get to know her as much as we needed to. with a book like this you need to know more about her. I feel every thing else was fine for the book. yes all the death did get old fast it did some how seem to work a little in an odd way. Rose need a little more work.
(YA-14 and up)
Stars:*** 3.7

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