Saturday, January 23, 2010

Book:Gateaway ( By Sharon Shinn)

I like it. some of it was good. and some of it not so good.I like the way Shinn made Jia very really. here and there the story was not so good. the end was not as good as I had hoped it would be. but all in alll I liked it. hope she makes a book called gateway 2 the forogot not forgot any more. so that we see what it is like for kalen. I think that would be a good way to end it. I say read it if you like books with more then one world or books with love and bad guys.
some of it was old like a lot of books. and some of it was new. like nothing you have ever read. not the best but good. but I just REALLY HOPE  that there is a book two for this one!
stars:  * * * * * 

Book:Sea Change

I really liked it!! it was so so better then Twilight was. it was like the better book of twilight. if you do or do not like twilight I think you will like this book. it is a book about love, life and change. and they show that at the time it might be hard but in the end things will work out for all for the better. and the way it is done tells us about it all of it. I think it is a book all girls or boys who are having a hard time with life or love or just any thing should read it. like I said if you like twilight you will love this. if you hate twilight you will love it.i think almost ever one will love it. so read it. go out and get it. read it and love it! just like me. because it is not a big fat wast of time!
Stars: * * * * *

Book:39 Clues: The sword theff (#3)

I love it!!!!! the best 39 Clues!!!!!!!!!!!the story is great!!!!!!!!!! I can not wait for the next book!!!!

Stars: * * * * *



I love it!!!! Ida mea is great!!! I could not put down the book!!!!! I love it!!!! If you have ever want to fly in any way then you like me will love the book!!!!! it think it it just great!! I think any one who has a dream or would like to fly would love this book.
Stars: * *  * * *
( YA)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Book:39 clues: one false note #2

much better then book one!!!!!! dan,amy and nellie are great!!!!!! I love the way you have to find the clues with them!!!!
just great!!!! I can not wait for the next book!!! one of my new fav books!!!

Stars: * * *


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Book: 39 Clues: the maze of bones#1

I really liked it!!!! it is a cool story. amy and dan are very funny. they way they talk to one another is funny to read.
all in all I think ever one should read the book. it is fun. and I can not wait to read the next book. I hope it is just as good if not better then this one.
Stars:* * *
( Kids/YA)


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