Sunday, June 26, 2011

Movie:Tron legacy

I have not seen the first Tron. but I bet it was a lot better then this one. This one was great to look at.but it was not very good because of the screenplay.  Sam was lame. I'm sorry tron fans. but it is true. I did not know the guy so I did not care what happened to him. but   Quorra.She was cool. sweet smart. She was the only other good thing in the movie other them the CGI.So not that great. all because of bad story. they tried. really. but they did not do it. because they did not give us Sam. they gave us tron. which how can you care about tron with out sam? and the end was to fast. over all bad timing and story was the death of this movie. 

maybe in 10 years they can make a new and better one. 


Stars: * *2.6

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Book: Across the Universe

Now as geeky as it is to say I love Si-Fi. But not any. The good stuff that shows us what it is like to human. And what are we doing. Are we right? Are we wrong? Could we do it better? And this book did that. It ask so many things. An it did it right. Only thing is I don't know if in the wrong hands this book could make some bad things are. But anyway this book is great! Things are hard to read in this at points. it was great and just what Si-Fi should be. I have a feeling that Beth is going to be a great YA writer. this book is one of my New faves.  i just love this book. it was so good. it is a must read for any one who likes any thing Si-Fi. it is just great. I loove it so much!even though i saw the end coming.  still it is a have to read. just great. if it was not for the name i would say make it in to a movie. call it Amy or Godspeed. over great.really read it. it will change your life. the only down to this book is that is the wrong hands it could change the world in some every bad ways. but let us hope that will not happen.
Across The Universe (the Book).com

( YA- 13 and up)

Stars: * * * * * 5.0

Movie:The Kings Speech

I can see why it won the oscar. Some people hated  the film. and I can some what see why. I wanted to see the movie. but was not sure if I would like it. but I loved it. it was very well done. it was just great. I can see why people could relate to the King. and the actor was great ( He did win his oscar for this film)!it was just great. it makes making movies look easy ( which they are not). it was one of the best films I have seen in a long time.  the acting was great. over all mind blowing movie. it was like a good old 1930s movie but better. much much better. a most see film for people who like all kinds of movies! really just what a movie should be. fun cute and all around good. so really see the movie. if you do not you can not ever say what the best movie ever is untill you have seen this one. so just see it already!and if you do not take my word for it take the oscar's word for it.

R ( for saying the F-word 17 times and mouthing it 3 times. also they say the  S-word 20 times. other then that there was really nothing in it).

Stars: * * * * * * * * * 5.0

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Book: Karma

this book was really sounds like a Downer but it's not. it's really good. like the way it is writen. it's cool. the book is really fresh. which is nice. because most things these days nothing is very fresh. how can't it be? anyway back to the book. I like the book it was full of heart. and I love books set in india or anywhere with sand.lots of it. I really like sandeep. most of the time I read books and never like the guys in them (twilight case and point). I thought that it was really cool book. I liked they way it showed in a nice-ish way how things are/where over there to women. and how we really should work to help them if we can.
over all really good book. one lots of people will love if they ever get a chance to read it.

(YA-14 and up for some grown up drama.)
Stars: * *** 4.5

Friday, June 03, 2011

TV Show: Secret life of the american teenager

This show is not as bad as I thought. but that does not mean it is good. it is pretty bad. but I still watched it. I think that things go up and down in a weird way. and it does not have the best writers working on it. I think it could be better if you worked harder on it. but it is a hard show to stop watching. I just wish that the girls/guys in the show more likable then they are. they are not really people you look up to or like. and I can not see me or my friends being good friends with any of them.and it is not because Amy had a baby but because she does not seem like a nice girl. yes in the first year she does. but after that she just gets mean. and she stops caring about people in a nice way. it is all about her. and you would think that with her being a mom she would be looking out for john  a little more. but other then that I like the show and find my self unable to stop watching it. there is a need to know what they will do next. and by the by I love that Ash is now going to school at home now. it works way better for her it seems to me. 
TV-14  ( you just have to look at the cover to see why)
Stars: * *  2.9


  0 (0%)
Prince Of Persia :The Sands Of Time   
  1 (33%)
  1 (33%)
Imagine That
  0 (0%)
Clash Of The Titans ( NEW ONE)
  1 (33%)


I loved the first of this book. I though it was great. I loved Demi and sayde. I liked the idea of the story. But sadly as good as the book was the last ten pages SUCKED!!I mean really. So this book is great if you read up to the last ten pages and make up your own ending. Only one good thing happens and that was not even very good. So a must read but as long as you skip the end all together.
So other then that it was a smart witty book. That was really very good. I liked it ( well save the last pages). I feel that the book was good over all. but i feel like the end was not really well planed. it felt too fast and to sad. nothing good came of it. so I wish there had been more. I would like to see more books about the school but with new kids. I think that would be the only way to fix the end of this book.
over all i liked the hole old movie song stuff and the people in the book. i just did not like the end. so like I said if you change the end and you have a great book. stay with her ending and the book is a just a pain.

(YA- 12 and up. nothing much. just making out and some gay guys and they  list an R movie ( fame) as one of Sarah's fave movies. so unless you dont like making out  and  Fame because its R then you might want to wait. )
Stars:  * * * * 4.9 ( with my end) * * * 3.4 with Her end.

Book:The Hobbit

So the April book club pick is The Hobbit. I have not seen the Lord Of The Rings before or read them. I has never really cared for them. I wanted to read them. But always thought I would read them someday. So I was happy to hear that this was the book club pick. I was happy with the start. It made me think of one of my fave books ever, The lion, the witch and... So I was happy with it. I like it.
The book is great. But to tell the truth this did not make a good book club pick.because not every one could read it(because of school or family stuff and so on). It was fun. But no one had anything to say about it. So over all not that great for sitting around and talking.
But that does not mean that the book is bad. It just means it was to good to really talk about. Every one feels the same. its good. see why people love it. but that was all. There was nothing else to talk about.  so bad book club. but great book.

( older Kids/ YA but  people all ages love it)

Stars: * * * * 4.9


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