Friday, June 03, 2011

TV Show: Secret life of the american teenager

This show is not as bad as I thought. but that does not mean it is good. it is pretty bad. but I still watched it. I think that things go up and down in a weird way. and it does not have the best writers working on it. I think it could be better if you worked harder on it. but it is a hard show to stop watching. I just wish that the girls/guys in the show more likable then they are. they are not really people you look up to or like. and I can not see me or my friends being good friends with any of them.and it is not because Amy had a baby but because she does not seem like a nice girl. yes in the first year she does. but after that she just gets mean. and she stops caring about people in a nice way. it is all about her. and you would think that with her being a mom she would be looking out for john  a little more. but other then that I like the show and find my self unable to stop watching it. there is a need to know what they will do next. and by the by I love that Ash is now going to school at home now. it works way better for her it seems to me. 
TV-14  ( you just have to look at the cover to see why)
Stars: * *  2.9


  1. I talk about this show a lot because I can kind of relate. Well my sister more than me. She was pregnant at 15 and had my niece at 16 ever since than she cared less about people and what they say. I know it looks like Amy isn't taking care of John a lot but that is probably because they don't have an agreement that allows John on TV for a long amount of time. I have been addicted to watching this show that I even got my sling adapter for my TV everywhere so I didn't miss a show. I know all my co-workers at DISH may find it weird which is why some of them are hooked on to it now. I like all the characters the all show one side of all people. Ashley is rebellious and Ben is kind, Grace is confused and Adrian is well no comment. Amy is a good girl that just gave up on caring for those who didn't care for her and Ricky well he is trying.

  2. yeah. I get what your saying your right. I just wish people would work harder to make the show better is what I am saying. good TV like really good is hard to find. and it is not as hard as some think. it I'd getting a little better but TV has really gone to the dogs. ricky is trying and so is Amy is to. the only one I like is Ben. and he is not that great. they need some need people or new writers. other then tha it's a pretty good show.


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