Thursday, September 29, 2011


So as many of you know, I read Graceling. and well I did like it. but I had a hard time with some of the thing in the book and well just look at the review your self.  So I had started Fire a while back and never got to finsh it because I had to many other books I had to read first. And I still have to many books I am want to read and no time to read them all. but I thought to my self I will go ahead and read fire because I will kick my self some day if I don't even if the book is bad or good. So I started fire again. and again I got in to it. I like it.  but some times I feel that Fire can't make up her mind. sometimes she feels good about who she is and other times she hates it. and normally I like that but in this book they have the big "ah" and then she goes right back to where she was before. and that is not really how it should go in my book.anand ask the book jumps a lot in timing and though. one mine sec one thing is going happen then the next something that makes no since what  happens.And for some reason Ms.Cashore loves to hurt everyone in the book in the weirdest ways. Like in this she does all this stuff to fire and others that is just wrong and has no point other then making you want to kill your self. I know everyone loves Fire. but all the people that do are not teens and feel that this is the real world. being a teen is hard with out books like this to nock you down.
Also there is this hole lame twist at the end that is BS. and there is this hole thing with Fire and kids that is just point less. Cashore has all the great bones of a story but she can't ever get the skin or the hair the book ends up all wrong. But this one ended a little better then Graceling at the lest. but again not very good. If this was a movie it would work better. but as it is a book it just does not work as great. I know many of you are going to say you love this book. and Yes there is something so lovable about this book. In the middle of the book you find your self in love. then after that the book starts to go down hill again. and they add in all of theses things that we just don't need to know and that does not need to happen. it is messed up in the way that after reading this and Graceling I am starting to get the feeling that the story is all write in the feel of the sec* style.
It is a hard book to review because of that.
so do not feel bad when I say that I have an over feeling of dislike to the way things play out. I think that Cashore could pull things together a little more she could one of the greatest YA ever.

over  good book but needs work.

(YA- 15 and up)

Stars: * * 2.6

* feel of the sec style is a style of writing where you write only what you feel at the time, and none of it have you thought about doing before.

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