Monday, February 21, 2011

Book: Night Shade

This is another one of those books that looks great gets, great views, sells great but is pretty bad from page one.It was other try-to-hard opening. and needless ro say the book did not get any better.Werewolfs. A girl in love with two guys. Sound like every other book you have read lately. Yeah, I thought so. one thing that I hated and did not get was the hole "I am a girl so he can but can't touch me". I do not get what the wrtiter is trying to do. is she saying " girls live the princess life" or " girls see how wrong don't let a man ruler your world!" if it is 2 then good try. but girls think the wrong thing. they think it is 1 not 2.I think this book is wrong for the way that it did this. we are trying to show girls they do not need a man they just need them selfs. they do not have to "give" them selfs to man or men. it is WRONG! girls do not need men to get jobs or live a great life!!!
and as for every thing else in the book. it was just off! all off.
and the end of the book was just a big let down. I was hoping up till the last page that something good would happen but it only got worst! I did not even think it could but it did!so over all I think that if you like books about back world werewolfs this is the book for you. they put down women and say it is all right to let a man push you around. AND IT IS NOT OKAY!! EVER!!! WOMEN CAN AND SHOULD STAND UP WHEN ALL MEN LIKE THE MEN IN THIS WANT IS SEX!!!!!!!! so if  think that it is okay just because he is your boss then this book is great. if you see eye to eye with me that it is not okay to do what they are doing in this book then do not read it!

(YA-15 and up. I think it is more 13 and up but I feel 15 that way younger teens  don't get the idea that it is okay to do things like in the book)
Stars: * * 2.6

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