Sunday, July 03, 2011

Movie: The Tourist

Every one said this movie was a wast. So I did not think it would be very good.  so yeah it would not the best of movies. but it is fun. I like it, a lot. and I love Johnny Depp. for an old guy he is really hot. like really.  and as far as Angelina Jolie goes I like her but her make-up  was way  heavy. She had so much on. and as for the story? well it was not great but I like it. I really like this movie. it is fun. and movies like books sometimes you need something lighter.  and come on this movie was just fun.  I liked it. and come on the end was fun. this movie is one that families will watch for fun for years to come.  so over all I like this film. a really good Rom- Com 

Stars: * * *  3.7

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