Saturday, February 26, 2011

Book: I Am Number Four

I was very happy to find out that this was not just a movie but a book to. but some thing some one told me was that this is a book that was written only for muney. the really writer of the book can not make any muney off of it. he/she was payed like $15 to an hour to write the book. but has no writes to it.and as I was reading the book I thought that it might be true because the book was written like a screenplay, not a book. which is why Mr.Bay loved the book and made it in to a movie ( which I can not wait to see).The for a Screenplay was great! it was set up like a movie. and it was timed out like a movie. but as book I Am Number Four was not so great. things did not work right for a book. and it was not written like a book really. I like John/Four. I loved Henry. I thought Sarah and Sam were okay not great. but were good back ups when you look at it as a Screenplay not a book. as a Book I think that they were not so great and did not really make sence. i get that they had a part to play in the story but some thing was just off about them.
over all the book makes for a great Screenplay and should be read as a screenplay. as a book it is a fast read. not great.not really the Si-Fi I like. boys will like it. and it is fun.

(YA-13 and up)
Stars:(as a Book)* * 2.8
Stars:(as A Screenplay)* * * * 4.6

( I add this  pic because  I felt like I was reading a screenplay not a book so I had to add it. and it is so cool!)

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