Saturday, September 17, 2016

Movie: XOXO

Netflix, the life saving app that has gotten many a teen through hours and hours of homework.
Xoxo is netflix's first jump into content for a teen/college audience. A smart move given how many of their users are between the ages of 13-22.  However, I would not readily recommend this movie to anyone below 15 or 16.

Sadly this is one of netflix's more underwhelming film ventures.
While the film is beautiful shot and full of many attractive young tv stars the film lacks a hook.
I think the biggest problem with the film was a lack of any underlining point or point of view on the rave going experience.
There was no commentary on todays world or the people. The main characters all felt like copy and pasted people from the 'teen' movies of the last 20 years.
At many points I felt like the characters ( and actors) were out shown by random festival goers or  minor supporting characters.
The scene stealers of film would have to go to Hailey Kyloko and Ian Anthony Dale, and the one random bouncer who said what we were all thinking.
Those actors made the most out of what they had been given.

Director Christopher Louie  show lots of potential for his future films if he can find away to deepen his screenwriting. His clever use of time and savvy rule bending prove he could be a force to reckon with down the line ( if he plays his cards right).
The film was beautiful shot, making the most of their red cameras, locations, and light kit. These visuals help keep the audience watching through the more cliche moments or the gross drug haze.

However for netflix I think this film should count as an outstanding loss. It will do little down the line to inspire hope in their younger subscribers.  Luckily they have a wide array of original content to soften the blow.

Stars. ** 2.5 
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