Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Book: Clockwork Prince

So between reading Clockwork Angel and this I have read all of the books that go a long this with (City Of Bones to start with). And I have just read City of lost souls. and I was very happy with this book over all. I liked and I was shocked. I thought that Ms.Clare would be up to her old tricky that makes her books so hard to read. But I have to say out of all her books this one was my fave. The action was played down. and I really like that. It showed Ms.Clare's strongest point.
and when this books starts to play with your feelings when it comes to Will and Jem its very hard but in a good way. it makes you very happy reading. well me it did after reading all her books I finely got what I always wanted. it almost makes reading all of her other ones worth it.Almost. But it does make me a little scared for the next book because nothing good can come from it. nothing. That is one thing I have learned from reading these books is that the worst thing that can happen will happen and most likely worse than you thought. You will come to like something and wish it to be one way and then the worst thing happens. you feel at many times like Ms.Clare is playing with you. I love the books but I have a very hard time with that. that was what I did not like when I first read it and what I still do not like now. I keep hoping it will grow on me but it does not. which is a shame.  I still want to read clockwork Princess but I think there comes a time when an author has played their trick to many times. She needs to stop making her readers feel like they are being played with. I know that their are so many fans out there that love her and her books to no end but believe she can't keep going like this forever.I think that she start working on changing that before its to late.

( YA - 13 and up)
Stars: * * * 3.4

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Movie: Argo

Now most of you should have heard of this by now with all the oscar buzz and now a golden globe win.So I will not waste any time in going in to what the story is.
But I would like to start off by saying I don't think I have ever been more pulled in by a film in my life. while watching this I was standing and walking around. I would not sit still. But I could not leave either I had to watch. I was pulled in by the actors and the story. aside from all the thrilling action. There where lots of funny parts to the film as well parts that had me laughing so very hard. And I think that Ben did an amazing job on the film. I loved at the end of the movie how they showed you real life photos and how they worked it in to the film. which I loved. I thought that it add so much to the film over all. and the acting was really good. everyone did their part so it felt very real. and another on that I loved about the film was how hard to watch it was. now that does not mean that it was bad or violent. it was just so intense. Your heart is racing. Then after the movie ends you sit there gasping for breath and want to watch something light and fluffy to calm you down after that. Its really an awesome feeling because then you find your self a few days later wanting to watch it all over again.I feel that he should have been up for the oscar.He worked his butt off and it payed off big time. I don't think that anyone else could have done a better job.
Now I'm not a big fan of the  films that are said to be inspired by life or what ever each filmmaker says about it. But this film is much better then that. and something that I like is from what I have heard from people Ben is a great guy which makes it even easier for me to like the film.
over all I say this is a must see film because there is nothing like it out there and its wonderful.
( R - For langue mostly)
Star:  * * * * 4.7


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