Saturday, March 19, 2011


This is Feb's book for the book club. it is again a retelling of East Of The Sun,West Of The Moon. this one started off nicely then went bad. it does not keep true to the fairy tale its self. and I found it to be boring,long and enjoyable. the hole thing with the baby was just a  time killer and made the book long and feel hopeless.I think that when it is a fairy tale with no chance of ever happening it show be fun to read and over all light. I did not like Cassie. I thought she was by far the worst hero of all the east of the sun west of the moon books I have read for Teens. But I did like how she says she loves the bear just like in Sun and Moon,Ice And Snow.  unlike in East . I did not like the hole thing with the baby. I my self do not like it when they have teensmoms in looks for Teens ( unless it is a book about teen mom's). and I did not like how she was  with that guy. the book started great, the middle was just a mess, the end ( like the every last page) was okay.
Over all the book was okay. well not really okay. it was pretty bad. really was bad.   but I am happy that I read it.
 Book Club Talk: some one at the book club said it was odd how she fell in love with the Man/bear that locked her up. Which after hearing that I felt really weird about this book. over all everyone at the book club hated it.  they thought the writing was bad and that it was just lame. over all they thought it was 2.2 * * stars.

(YA-14 and up)
Stars:  * *  2.6 1/2

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