Friday, December 23, 2011


I found this book at the library and wanted to read it because of the cover, which I think is awesome. and as for the story it have been along time since I have read something like this. I don't normally read things that have to do with ghosts or time-travel. I find it hard to do a good job with ghost or time-travel because it is a hard thing to do.  But this book does a good job. I like the the characters, which is what kept me reading. the story was not always the strong point of the book. but that was okay because Em was. and I think that worked out fine. my only thing with Em is that at points she seems like every other girl you read about in YA books. she had me thinking of girls from Meg Cabot's books.  and I think that the feeling went on as she started to hang out with mike it started to feel like like manny of Ms.Cabot's books. I like that feel and all I  would like to see some thing that is not the same from these YA writers. I mean is it so hard to write a girl that is not like ever one you read about. but on up side with this one was at least the bad guy was not like all of the ones you read about. and  I liked Dru. she was pretty cool and I liked how she loved Em so much and was so nice and how she would stop Thomas doing things because she was believe it is just like the same thing. And I have to say I liked everyone else in the book and I really liked the story. I thought it was well done. One thing I did not like was how people call this book a mystery.  I think it had mystery in the book but it is not a mystery. if we call every book that a little mystery then there would be more mystery book out there then anyone could even think of. I liked the story and the idea. I liked the way that kept you want more.  I think that it was smart how the whole time travel thing worked in the book and I thought the whole idea of the way that she did it was awesome.This book did the was slow but  i think it worked better for it to be that way. normally i think that the timing in a book is so hard to get right. but I found that this one did it right.  the the time went with the book and very thing happened in the story at the right time. And since the book is about time it was a good thing everything was  on time.
Over all a really good book. I think that it is a good read.

(YA -12 )
Stars: * * * 3.4

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  1. I really loved this book! The next one is so good you should read it! I would love to see what you thought of it as well


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