Sunday, September 18, 2011

Book: Uncommon Criminals

I loved the first book so I was over the moon to hear about this one. I and how could I know when the news was going nuts that that these books where going to be made in to a movie. and that Drew Barrymore  was going to be a part of it. I have a good friend how has also read these books and would love to play Kat in the movies so I had to read a lot about what the plans are for the movie and stuff.
But anyway on to the book. I have to say I really liked it. It was not  like the first in a lot of ways. In the first one it was more like  a spy movie. They way the group comes together. This one is more like  the not so hot  movie that follows. It was a lot like you would think the sequel to Heist society would be. it should us more of the ups and downs. the things you have to give up to be in this kind of job. and in that way it was like the downer end of a sequel. But that does not mean I did not like it.I really liked it. I thought it was well down. But what I am saying is that I think more people are going to say it is okay. where as with the first everyone was like " I love this book!" and everyone was going nuts for it. I hope that that the unlucky 3 does not hit on the next book though because that would kill the series.
but one thing that happened a lot in the book was some times I would I liked it and sometimes loved it. It was very funny and it was very hard core at times. And we got to see a much harder side of Kat. We also got to see her when she thought she had messed up big time.  I also liked to see her and Hale and how things went down with them.and how they had to act about it when there was a job going on.  At times I found my self forgetting how old she was. she is 15. and yes she did have a lot of hard things and yes she did have to grow up a lot. but she seemed more like 16 to me. one year might not seem like a lot to the every day reader but one year can make or make some one. like look at what happens to you in a year. you grew up more. I think Kat should have been just one year older. but maybe that is just me. I really liked the book over all. I thought the case was really cool. and not something I have read about before. What I wish there would have been more of  is having Kat have to lean on her team a little more. but I am  very happy with the way everyone has there own voice. So many times you see  in sequel every one starts to have the same voice. I liked how it made it clear that everyone was who they are. and as always who does not love Kat? she is strong,smart, and well a lot like a Cat. she likes to be on her own but when she finds some one she can trust she trys to stay with them. I that this book does a good job of  showing us more of this world. I  also love all of the code names. Jack and Jill. I would like to know what they are though. hopefully that will be in the next book. that in a one thing I did miss was a note from the the writer. In the last one she had a note to the reader telling you about the case and what true what was not and why she picked it to be the case. I feel that is was lame on her part not to do that for the readers. it is always nice when the writer of a book takes the time to write us ( the reader ) a note.
Over all it was great. it was not all around the best book I have ever read but it was not trying to be. and I like that.

(YA- 12 and up)

Stars: * * * * 4.7

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  1. I really like Ally's other stuff, I have not had time to read this but it looks really good and I am hoping to read it soon.
    great review!


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