Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Book: Karma

this book was really sounds like a Downer but it's not. it's really good. like the way it is writen. it's cool. the book is really fresh. which is nice. because most things these days nothing is very fresh. how can't it be? anyway back to the book. I like the book it was full of heart. and I love books set in india or anywhere with sand.lots of it. I really like sandeep. most of the time I read books and never like the guys in them (twilight case and point). I thought that it was really cool book. I liked they way it showed in a nice-ish way how things are/where over there to women. and how we really should work to help them if we can.
over all really good book. one lots of people will love if they ever get a chance to read it.

(YA-14 and up for some grown up drama.)
Stars: * *** 4.5

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  1. This book sounds beautiful! I will have to read it. I like to read poems so I think it will be a good fit.

    Great review!



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