Saturday, June 18, 2011

Book: Across the Universe

Now as geeky as it is to say I love Si-Fi. But not any. The good stuff that shows us what it is like to human. And what are we doing. Are we right? Are we wrong? Could we do it better? And this book did that. It ask so many things. An it did it right. Only thing is I don't know if in the wrong hands this book could make some bad things are. But anyway this book is great! Things are hard to read in this at points. it was great and just what Si-Fi should be. I have a feeling that Beth is going to be a great YA writer. this book is one of my New faves.  i just love this book. it was so good. it is a must read for any one who likes any thing Si-Fi. it is just great. I loove it so much!even though i saw the end coming.  still it is a have to read. just great. if it was not for the name i would say make it in to a movie. call it Amy or Godspeed. over great.really read it. it will change your life. the only down to this book is that is the wrong hands it could change the world in some every bad ways. but let us hope that will not happen.
Across The Universe (the Book).com

( YA- 13 and up)

Stars: * * * * * 5.0


  1. I really like Across the Universe too. It was hard to read in some places but overall I thought it was great. I can't wait to see what Beth writes next :D

  2. yeah me too. I felt the same way. I think what if Beth could write a little better it would be great. she has good story. I think she will go far as a si-fi writer. her web page is cool to.


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