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DaydreamerN's Reviews is a blog run by a close group of friends. Almost every writes under the name DaydreamerN but there is one male reviewer who goes by the name The B-Team. DaydreamerN's reviews was started in 2010 by one of the reviewers who wished to help other YA and children's book readers fine good books that were not a waste of time.
No one at DaydreamerN's reviews is payed by the writer or publisher for a review. DaydreamerN's reviews does accept a book from the writer or publisher in return for a review. 
The reviewers here take their work very seriously and will not in anyway give a false review.
The opinions stated here on the blog are made by that one reviewer of the book and might not be the opinion of all the reviewers at DaydreamerN's Reviews. 

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