Saturday, March 19, 2011

Book: Stork

I when I saw the book at the library I thought "stork?" I had seen some reviews of it and thought that I should read it. I did not have high hopes for the book. but was very happy when I found that it was really good. not great but good.I like Kat and the hole LA to Small no where town. I thought she was very funny. and I love how she looked at everything like a really LA beach girl. I thought she had a lot going for her. I think that with out her sass and witt the book would not have been any were as good as it was.I thought that it was cool to read about her. The writer did a lot of thinking about her story. which was good because it made Kat feel and sound pretty really as I read it. One thing I did not like was jake. I know I know jake was great for some of you. but I did not lke him at all. I thought he was all wrong for Kat.I'm sorry I know a lot of you might have liked him but I really did not. I did not like he asked her to change her stlye. or how she will not go to the school of her dreams for him.if he loves her them he would get it not ask her to change for him. so with that aside I thought the book was good. not great but it was nice not to read about Vamps or Werewolfs. after reading this I could see my self reading more books about storks. I think it would be cool to see some books for Teens about storks for a change.
Over all a good book. I would change something but thats just me

( YA-12 and up)
 Star:* * * 3.4

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