Friday, June 03, 2011

Book:The Hobbit

So the April book club pick is The Hobbit. I have not seen the Lord Of The Rings before or read them. I has never really cared for them. I wanted to read them. But always thought I would read them someday. So I was happy to hear that this was the book club pick. I was happy with the start. It made me think of one of my fave books ever, The lion, the witch and... So I was happy with it. I like it.
The book is great. But to tell the truth this did not make a good book club pick.because not every one could read it(because of school or family stuff and so on). It was fun. But no one had anything to say about it. So over all not that great for sitting around and talking.
But that does not mean that the book is bad. It just means it was to good to really talk about. Every one feels the same. its good. see why people love it. but that was all. There was nothing else to talk about.  so bad book club. but great book.

( older Kids/ YA but  people all ages love it)

Stars: * * * * 4.9

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