Thursday, November 10, 2011

Movie:The Artist

 I saw this film at one of the film Festivals it has been at. And I have to say that this film looks like (so far) the best  looking film for the oscars. the cast looks great and will most likely be wining  something for the cast. I think that  Jean Dujardin will win best actor. Yes, J.Eager looks great. but this guy is off the wall good. I mean you watch  it and you ask your self why have you never heard of him before? and the rest of the cast is great but he is the best because he is the lead.  also the film is great, it was well done. the sound in it is great and well put. I like how the film shows us a little darker side of silent films.  and I like how it kept the great feel of old movies yet with the  style of  newer films. I think that this film is up there with the kings speech. because it is great. this is the best film I have seen in a long time. I think that this movie is going to change movies for a long time. its is going to bring the silent films back up.and I think that it will make it a lot easier for small first time film makers to get money. Because if you look at the oscars the past 4 years small Indy films have won. and I think that we are looking at the next one here. so get ready to go to see this movie when it comes out. I highly think it is worth the money. unless you hate silent movies in which case you should still go see it just so you do not feel weird at dinner parties. the one thing I would have changed in the film and had it be a little older looking. I do not like my Black & White movies to look so clean and new. I like them to look like they did in the 30s and 40s. but other then that I just love this movie. and if you can read lips I know you will love it too!

( PG but kids under 9 should not see it )
Stars: * * * * * 5.0

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Book: The Other Countess

This book was one of the only good things I could find at one of the  Chicago libraries. Any one that ever said they had a great pick of YA books has never been to this library. I have always gone to a library were YA are easy to find. And if you want one all you have to do is ask. But this library is awful. And the other day for like the first time ever at a Chicago library when I ask for a book someone was helpful! They did their job.
But here I am, blogging about the library and not the book. Sorry
 This book  looked good and bad by the cover. I always like reading historical books what have come out in the last ten years. Because they are always really good or really bad ( Lux  and Bright young things, case and point).and when the book says on the back can forbidden love ever flourish you know that is book is going to be on you are going to write a long review about.  I have to say that I like how it goes from lots of peoples point of views but I find that the way it changes is a little odd and some times ruff, and hard to follow. And I found that the people in the books are just like everyone else you read about in other YA historical books.I feel that the book was trying to hard to be a romance novel for teens a little bitt. and yes it was that , and it was sometimes good. it felt weird and and off in may places. and the covers are pretty bad I have to say. this book was over all good but needs a lot of work.  I would like to read the next book in the series in hopes that it can fix all the wrongs in this book. I know life does not always have a happy ending but when I read fluff books like this I want them to be good and to be fun to read. not like this.

( YA - 15 and up)
Stars: * *  2.6


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