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Hello if you are an author or publisher or a filmmaker interested in a review?  

Authors and Publishers  We here at DaydreamerN's reviews love to hear from authors and publishers!  I will read any Kids or YA books. We are happy to take uncorrected proofs Arcs and or read books for private feedback . We are proud members of netgalley and edelweiss  do lots of reviews and feedback through those sites.*
We also  would  love to do giveaways and interviews as well.

If you would like to see a list of the arc reviews I have done Click here.
But wait there is one small catch! DaydreamerN is a small non profit blog and to keep all of our reviews fair we do not buy or pay for any of the books reviewed on this site. They are given to us ( via family, give aways or authors/publishers) or lent to us ( via local libraries or friends and family).
Any author or publisher requesting a review must cover the cost of the book or Ebook.
We do not take any payment for our reviews. 

* any author or publisher that ends me a psychical galley or copy of the book will get put on the priority review list and/or get to choose the dates when the review is published. 
Those Authors or publishers sending Ebooks do not get priority. 

Filmmakers I will take any film that is for teens from G to PG-13 is the main group I take. However we do review R films if it not too dark, gory, or sex driven.

Read Requests if you are a reader and want DaydreamerN's Reviews to review your favorite book or movie?  We love to know what are readers like and are reading! Nothing is better than having a group of people talking about and sharing the love of a book!
Feel free to email us about your favorite book and we'll be sure to get back to you as soon as we can!

 How hot is this blog?  Well it gets hotter and hotter ever day. The normal amount of readers per day  200 and growing.

So what are you waiting for? I am right here!
My email is
feel free to email me about any thing at all!

If you would like to write praise or have ideas of how to make this blog better please email me and the other bloggers  at:  we would love to hear what you have to say.

Have any feedback or tips on ways to improve the blog? We'd love to hear that as well! 


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