Sunday, July 31, 2011

Book: The Truth About Forever

I love Dessen's books. I have only read along for the ride and heard a little of lock and key.
 so when the library  got this I thought yeah I should get it. I love reading her books in the summer.
so I did. and I have to say I loved it like always. she writes really good books.
they almost have a heart beating in them when you read them. there is something so human about the people and the story. I love this one. I like along for the ride to. but this one was great. it is so much like  life.   I  can see this being the story of some one I know.
Dessen makes writing a story look easy. like anyone can do things like her. the Truth is that very few people can write books as good as her. and I for one am one of the many fans of her book.  I love this book. I like how the love story does not over power the story its self.
anything I did not like? well not that I can think of. if I were to reread the book then I would mostly come up with a few small things. but as of right now. nothing.
 over all I love this book deeply. and think that it is a great summer read.
(YA-13 and up. nothing to bad in this book. it is mostly alright for for 13 and up.)
Star:* * * * 4.7


  1. Aw. My favorite of all time! I totally agree with you about her books having a "heart". Her books are one of the only books that've had me reading until the late of night and waking before sunrise to finish. This is the first one I ever read and it. Was. Beautiful.

  2. @KristieCoo i just love this book, it is so beautiful and it truly does tell us 'the truth about forever". I always find that I love they way that it shows us who people can change our lives in good ways if we would only just let them in.


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