Sunday, January 29, 2012

Book: Beautiful Days ( BTY #2)

I have to say I liked Bright Young Things so much better then the Luxes books. And this one does the same thing. I like the girls in this better. They are not out to get the other one and I think that makes its readable. I also love the whole speakeasy thing and they gang feel with it. it is a very fun book and I like it.
It also might because I love the time. one thing I would really like to know is what would happen if the people from the luxe met the girls in this book. I would like to know what happened to them. if any of them are still rich and where their lives went.  but back to this book. I love  really like the story.I think that books and movies like this are really coming back up and I think it will be nice  fun to see what happens to these books when the next books like this start to come out.
 I do like the books and I like how much people. I feel that the story of this book is not new or fresh really most of it is just bits from other books and movies but I like it and I think it was a good book and fans the luxes books and others will like this. and if you read the first of theses books and have been on the fence about this one then I say go ahead and read it. its good.  It was much better then  the first. there are many things wrong with it but I Think that in a few years and with some more books Anna Gobersen could really be a great great writer. she knows how to create great people and backdrops, if she can get the story right ( which she is starting to do) then things will be great,

( 16 and up)

Stars: * * * 3.4

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks

I have been told to read this book since it came out and I never did. and where I do like the book i am glad I did not read it any sooner. This book is great for younger teens but I liked it because I felt I could see what Frankie meant by her boyfriend not getting her always. and I know what she meant by not wanting to be a little kid anymore. I feel i could see how she changed and how she changed so fast. and I liked it. where this book is not as funny and nuts as some people might think it is, it is a YA book with a mind and a heart. it tells us what it is like to be a teen ager and they changes we make in both our world and in our selfs. so they might be as big as the ones Frankie made but they are changes none the less. I really like how the book is set. and I may self am really in to the slow one thing at a time changes that we all go through. and I think this book is great for all of us who have wanted to do things like this but have never had the guts or the need to. Thats why I liked the book. I would like to do some thing like in the book (see the photo blow).
So this book is like her other books. its not really one kind of book its a little bit of everything. and I think that it is a good book to read. I liked it a lot. and would like to read her other books.
(YA-12 and up)
Stars:* * * 3.4

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Movie: Fair Game

I liked this movie. I have turned in to a huge indie fan because of films like this. it really just stands out. as one of the better films you see. it has this great feeling of being real yet taking you away from the real would all at the same time. Which is something that many have a very hard time doing. like everything else in movie making its not easy and its great to watch when someone gets it right.And it you like the Bourne movies I think you will really like this. one of the killer points of the film is the fact that it is based of real life. One of the down points was the fact that it was slow at times and then it would get fast and slow. Thats normally fine but there was no flow to it. and the sharpness of it does not add to the feel of the movie. It felt like the passing was off. and some of the smaller actors broke at a few little points in the film. but Naomi Watts and Sean Penn were great in this film as always. and I think that shows a great look at the real life spy game. i know this is a short review but there is not to much to say about this movie other than it is wroth watching it . 

Stars: * * * 3.4

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Book: The Power Of Six ( A Lorien Legacies)

So this is book two of the Lorien Legacies or I Am Number Four. and I most say that I hated the movie but I liked the book. and when I got my hands on this one I feel in head first back in to the books. i like how we are learning more about the other ones and we learn more about Six.  I wish that it would have told us when it was going to change person but other then that I liked the book. it was a little better written then the  first. and there was a lot more going on which is the write way to do it with books like this. and I like how we see more of what Lorien might have been like. and we learn where Henri was right and wrong in what he told John.
 Now when it comes to number Seven I was very happy with it. I like her and how her story is unlike John's or Six's.what I did not like was how for such a long story we did not see John grow. I think that there would have been more from where the other books ended to now. and I feel that the writer did not always think about adding more to it. this book does not have a heart. and if it does it is well hided in stone. it is cold and there is no life to it. but what do you really want from a book like this? well it had been not be the world because thats not what your going to get from this. But I liked it and I think that fans of the first book and movie will too.  and if you have time and no other book to read give this a try ( well the first one or the movie first) and you might really like it.  This is a book boys might really like.

(YA-12 and Up)
Stars: * * * 3.4

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Book:Extraordinary by Adam Selzer

When I saw this book at the library i thought it was funny how the cover looked the movie poster for Enchanted. I don't know maybe it was just me.But I saw that this book was by the guy who wrote I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked it . and I have to say I did like it. and I liked this book to. it was funny and witty. I love his I-hate-everything-well-almost kind of girls. and I liked the idea of this book. but sad to say i did not know until half way in to the book that it was set three years after I Kissed a Zombie and I liked it. And I should have known but I did not. and if you have not read his other book read it first so you don't find out the ending before hand. and as for this books ending about half in to it I was ready to put it down and read something else because it was just getting idiotic what was going on and had it not been for Alley I would have stopped. I loved Alley. and so I read on. and I loved the end.the twist was good. this is a nice book to read if you like me has had your fill of zombies and vampires and just about everything else paranormal.  I like how this book is fun and witty but it is not lame like some books the jokes are not pushed down you mouth like some books these days. and the book leaves you happy and full, with the need for a like nap. which is a good thing! these days I want a book like read all of these hard core books  on vamps and zombies and  it is just lame. and yes , this book is not "extraordinary" but it is a good but and fun to read. not every book you read has to awesome. And if you any of his other books read this one. I  over all i liked this book and found it fun and sweet with a bit of salt.

(YA-12 and up)
Stars: * * * 3.5

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Book:City Of Ashes

So as some of you might know I really  have a hard time with these books. I love people and the way they are but I hate the story and feel it is a rip off of every book or movie known to most of man. like harry potter and star wars and so on. and where most people can make it their own and make it work some how these books just can't do it. which is why I have a love-hate thing going for the books.and to tell the truth its hard not to love them and its hard not to hate them. Jace is a fun nicely written guy and Clary I like she is not just like every other YA Heroine but she makes the cut of being readable.  but the story is just like.... little bit of a kill me now please. and the way that the people keep dying and coming back is an unfair and the work of a young and unwise writer. but then again some how she makes it work because I will still be reading the next book as soon as I can ( even if I like to wait as long as I can to read her books).
 I do not always like the way the story plays out. it is made to make the read feel things and get mad. it is just  poorly done. These days you see a lot of YA writers who think that death and heartache will get you fans but really I think slowly you will just lose them if you do not do it write. To make someone in the story fall in love or die as to be needed to the story as air its self other wise it will slowly kill the story its self. so it needs to be needed. and I know  I hate to think that the story will slowly get worst, because it seems that books have to darker before they can get lighter.  and I hate to think what will happen in the next books and I am also dying to know what happens with Jace and Clary. and all of this is really pissing me off right now to tell the truth.
I think that books are fun and I like them a lot and hate them a lot but I my self and getting very very happy about the movie and can not wait to see how it will turn out! but back to the book, again
 I liked who this one went to smoothly with the other book and I like how added up. I like the way we see how the shadow hunter world is both bigger and smaller then we thought it was. and I have to say I like the way things coming together. and I really like Alec in this book. He has a brain and that is always something that is hard to find in a side kick. and as for simon I can not say I am so happy, I am waiting to see why that poor kid had to go though all of this because right now it seems like it was all because the writer need to add more pages to the story and it was only thing she could think of. and I feel that as of right now it was just weird.
Over all the books are growing on me more, but I still hate the story.

(YA-13 and Up)
Stars: * * * 3.4


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