Saturday, August 28, 2010

Book: Enola Holmes: The Case Cryptic Crinoline

 This book is great. it is sweeter  then  any of the any  of the other books.  I loved it. but not as much as some of the other books. but I loved ever word of this book.  this one was not like the other books. And I like that. you get Enola in a NEW  book in so many ways.   I like it. the story is like nothing I have ever read ! in a good way.  really a most read.
 It is not like the  trashy books you see and read ever day. This is one of the books you can not help but  love from page one. The book is one ever one should have. It is just like the really Sherlock Holmes books.

 ( YA-12 and up)

   stars: * * * * * 5.0

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Book: Once A Witch

 REALLY good! I have wanted to read this book for a very long time. and to tell the truth I am so happy I did. this book is not at all a wast of time ( not that I ever thought it would be)!  I feel the story was a very well thought out one. I liked  Tam. She was fun and found my self really liking her take on things and I cared what she did. She was not the fluffy airhead that I read about so much in YA. I thought she was way cool.
Another thing  I like the pace of  the story. once you read page one you do not want to put it down! it is way good! I think fans of Harry Potter might like it. fans of the  any one who loves magic will just love this book! think it is a book that  you will love just as much as I do. it is  not really a light summer read but for me it was really nice to read a book that was not just fun it had more story to it then some other books out there.  I can not wait to read the next book!
 over all a great book!

(YA-12 and up)

STARS: * * * * 4.0

PAGES: 292


Monday, August 09, 2010

Book: Reality Check

I love the Secrets Of My Hollywood life books. So I thought I would read this.  There where a lot of things I did and did not like about this book.  Like I did not like  how all they wanted was to have money and go  around in Hummers. I thought it was poor. like she did not give a lot of time in to making the girls.They where not very real  to me. the only one that was a little real was Hallie.  and the way did things was just off in one way or another. And this is just like ever other book by Calonita. It is always about two girls fighting. it is getting old. I would like to see so much more from her. 
what I did like was the way that it showed you the truth about reality TV. and that it might look fun but it is not at all. I thought Brooke was a good way of showing that.
it is a so so book over all. I was hoping to see a lot more from it and Charlie.  I thought the cover was cool.
this is a book for any one who loves DRAMA
(YA-13 and up)

STARS: * * *

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Book: Linger(The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #2)

Why did I read this book?  Because I do try to be as fair as I can. I know writing a book is very hard and a big undertaking and at times when I have looked back on my review of Shiver I have asked myself if I was being fair. So in the name of trying to be fair and do right by the blog I read this book. Which was pretty long so I had best be getting some points for being fair.
My thoughts one it?  They are a lot like my thoughts on book 1 ( Shiver).  When I read this book I do not feel the love between Sam and Grace. It is not real love to me. I found myself feeling hopeless and like love was out of reach and never going to happen. And that no matter what you do life is going to kick you down so you might as well stay down. At points I found myself thinking that maybe Romeo and Juliet had the right idea in the end. Because if I was Sam or Grace I would have started to feel that way. If you wanted me to tell you a book with a fairy tale paranormal love story that was good I would give Beastly  a try. This book was in someways better than  Shiver. Not much better  . But that does not make this book or Shiver a good book. The new character I felt help add to the story that like I said was all over the place in the first one. And at least the setting of Mercy Falls was still there and that helped me feel better about the time I spent on this book. And one more thing I would like to say before I rap it up is :I do not like how Grace was with her her Mom and Dad. it was like the Writer was saying " teens if you think you are in love, but your mom and dad don't then do not  do what they say". And that is not what we should be telling Teens. I'm sorry but at some point these YA writers have to take a good look at the real world when writing these books.
Was it a wast of time? No, it was not a waste of time for ME.  I got to blog about it and I can say that I have  read it. I was fair and I gave it a chance.! but do I think you should read it?  I would lean with no.  Over all I would say its a pass for me.
( YA- 14 and up)
Stars: *  1.5


Monday, August 02, 2010

Book:Enola Holmes: The Case Of The Peculier Pink Fan (#4)

This book was great! I have to say it is one of the best yet! I love this book. it keeps true to the Enola books. I think that Springer did a great job on this book! this book  is one of my new favs. true a very nice read. I love Enola had how she can out smart ever one!  even sherlock!
I liked this book because it was not like book 3 and I liked book 3 because it was not like book 2, and I like book 2 because it is not like book one, and one is like no other book I have read. really you should give this books a chance. I know a lot of people who did not like book one but could not put down book 2. this books are really some thing NEW in an old way. and I love them. really you should read them. 
It was fun. It was not just fun it was great! really it is so hard to find a book this GREAT! it has ever thing a book should! Enola is some one who will never be forgotten. just like her big brother Sherlock! I think that this is read a book ever one should read. it is full of ever thing that makes a book great! ever thing is put together just right. and did I tell that Sherlock was GREAT in this book. yes, he was just right.
  like He had just walked off one of the movies.

 ( YA-or 11 and up)

STARS: * * * * *  * *

Pages: Forgot :(


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