Thursday, February 10, 2011

Book: Clockwork Angel

This book opened with a poor try at pulling you in. I do not see why the book opened like that. It just showing weakness by using death. and other nasty ticks. I mean yes it made for a good pull. but I feel like it was cheap move on the writers part she could have pulled us in with other doing what she did. it was poorly done. Her writing is good and Tessa was just fine you do not need to do all of all the... well the nasty stuff for us to like it and want to read it. I had opened the book with an open mind and after that I have a feeling this was just other trash of a 'new york times best' really I think it was just a selling tick. and really that does upset me. I know that her other books which I have not read are very well known and loved but I just feel that if all her books are going to be like this I will have a very hard time reading them.   because the frist page is the page that tells you the most about the book. and at times it  this page was trying to be the next Twilight meets harry potter. It was trying to hard. never a good sign. because you want a book to be fresh so much so that when you pick it up its like taking a shower after a long run. It wakes you up fills you with wonder and you have a hard time leaving. You find your thoughts randomly going there and thinking about it. the one thing that really did stand out for me  Tessa and Jem.There is something so real about them that pulls you in. and no matter what happens Will is always there to lighten the mood and make sure you never stay down. But all the fighting and the demon stuff did get old and when ever some one dies it feels to plained to pushed. never really like death.It makes it hard for you to like someone or a book when you feel like they are playing tricks on you all the time and they want you to get made and upset this book could have been great but it is not just because of that.]. but sadly this book made me feel like it was  trash because it at many times.  I can not believe that in all of the reviews I have read no one even said a word about how bad the book was. No were near as good as every one said it would be. its good but not that good mind you. I only hope that her other books where better and that the next one is a big step up.

( YA-14)

Stars:* * *  3.7


  1. I read this book and thought it was okay. it was not the worst book but not the best. I was sad to read so many great reviews for a book that was nothing like they made it sound.

  2. i would have to disagree - i read the book and was captured! although their could be a few things that aren't the best, it is still a great book - if you don't like it i would recomend finding another book you like or you could read the first series - the Mortal Instruments. I respect your opinion but i believe this is a really great book/trilogy. Clockwork prince does get better so you might want to give it a try.

    And don't think i'm a stupid weak minded person because i am not, i have read better, high literature books but i still love this one.


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