Monday, March 29, 2010

Book:Shiver(The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1)

Well the best way to start off the review is by saying that this is one of the biggest let downs I have ever read. A lot of people I know like it.And so many people told me that is would be a better read than Twilight. After reading this I want to read twilight again. And I don't even like twilight ( yes I went through my sad six months of liking it before I finally read something really good). I did not like how Sam and Grace are never really are happy. It seemed like the whole book was just them sitting around waiting for the next worse thing to happen. Which is sad because the book did have some good little points. Like I liked the setting of Mercy Falls. And at first I did like Sam and Grace and they why I got both sides of the story but the more I read the less I cared for that fact. And I'm sorry but I think that there was a lot when it came to wolf way of life that could have been left out and something truly worth reading put in its place. But  NO WAY! And at times I was not sure what story I was even reading. Which was a pain. So I would sit there and be like " yeah its a werewolf love story...and ummm yeah its cold. Which is why its called shiver" In some ways being in love is ever thing. But not the love in this book. I sat there thinking to myself that a love story about two teens dying of cancer would be more hopeful and worth reading than this.  And I might have learned something useful from that book. This on the other hand could have been great and would have been much better if it had not been written by a love sick stay at home mom. I have a stay at home but at least she is not out there trying to sell to young teenagers. I will try to read the next book in hopes that maybe it will pick up on the few good points that were hinted at in this book.
Stars:  * 1.4 
 (YA - 14  and up) 

Video:"Still Wolf Watching": a SHIVER trailer by Maggie Stiefvater

  I saw this video as I was reading it. I love this video

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Book:Chicks With Sticks ( Knit Two Together)

Really good. It was fun to read. I knit so it was fun to read about 4 girls that also knit. there are some good and bad things in the book but over all very fun. it is a cool Idea. it is very cool idea. it is a fun book. really just a good old fun book of friends.But there where some things in it I did not really like. I wish it could have been a little less about guys and a little more about BFFs.
Stars: * * *

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Book:39 Clue:The Viper's Nest

it was very good. I love howit was writen I also loved the way the story played out. I can not wait for the nexted book. the books are really getting firey! I can not wait for the nexted book!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Book:Secrets Of My Hollywood Life: Secrets Of My Hollywood Life(#1)

Really good. better then I though it would be. I though it would be all about the mad parties of Hollywood. but it was really about a girl living in Hollywood. it was great. it showed what life is like to be a teen star in young Hollywood now a days. it is was very good. I hope that the next book is as good.I hope that it does not good in to a gossip girl book like thing.I think it was better then airhead was. yes this book is better. I think I could read this book at any time any where. and that is saying a lot!
 Stars: * * *  * *

Friday, March 12, 2010

Book:Vampire Academy

it was good for a Vampire book. I am not a big vampire girl.but it is a cool story.I liked the end I did not see coming. I like some things in it. but I do not like things like the blood feeding. that was a little to odd for my liking. but over all I liked it more then I though I would. I like how Rose and Lissa are just really go friends. but I did find the book odd. because I both like and do not like it. so I will just have to read the next book to see if I really do or do not like the book. but I do think I over all like them.I think. but Vampire lovers will like this.
Stars:* * *  *

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Book:Theodosia:Theodosia& The Serpents Of Chaos(#1)

My dad found this book on line and even though it looked a little young to be YA he still emailed the info on it to  me because he had read so many good reviews. And those review I have to say were spot on.
I LOVED IT! it turned out to be a really great book.It had  everything a book.Theo is great.She is  smart,funny and easy to love.
Had a very hard time putting it down. And for an older teen to feel that way about a "kids" book says a lot.  it is a very smart book.I felt like I was not only having a great time reading it but that I was learning a little bit too. Which was awesome. I get so tried of books either being just light fluff or so sad and real world that after reading it I want to hide in bed for 3 days.
 I think that this is great book for almost all readers.Even if like me you were a little older.I know that if I had read this as a child I would have been dying for the next book.It would have been a book I read more than once. Which means it will be a great gift for any young reader. And if a parent is looking a good book to read out loud to your child this one will be one that you will enjoy as well. It has a good story is fun and a joy to read.  if you like Enola Holmes you will just love theo! it is one of the best books ever!! if you do not like to read read this if you do like to read read this! the book is great for ever one! It is a book that I feel like everyone will be reading in a year or so. a true jem of book.
Stars: * * * * 4.2


Friday, March 05, 2010

Book:Darkest Powers:Summoning(#1)

good. not really my cup of tea. but for a book like this I liked a lot. I liked it. cool Idea. I think it will go far. the story is very good. I like the people in the book as has a lot going for it as a book. you can tell that a lot of time has gone in to this book. I like how they talk about movies in it. it is cool to have people in books know things like that. it makes them more life like. I really do like this book. I like how it is not just about vampires. it goes deeper then that. it gives the book so much more. like graceling did( yes, graceling is on here too). I think a lot of people who like gifted will like this book. over all I liked it.
Stars: * * * 

Book:39 Clues:In Too Deep (#6)

I liked it. this is the best story so far. yes, I really like them. they are really good. is book is great. I cannot say much about it with out telling you s secret about it. just that it is great and all of you will love it!!!!!!

Stars:* * * * *
 ( YA) 

Book:Clone Codes

I really liked it. the story was great! I think this will be a very big book! I really got in to it. it had ever thing a good book should. I just love the way the story goes. I love swifting,that was great to have that in there. it is a really good book. the writers should be very happy with it. I love that it means as a book. I think a lot of you should read it. but a lot of people will not read it because it follows  a story plan. which people do not like. I on the  other hand do like it. not always but a lot of the time.

Stars: * * * *  3.4
 ( YA) 


it was bad. I really hope that in the next book they all act like nice people and the silly games all stop! the book was just not fun at all! it was all about  how bad they could be. it was just TRASH!  it is a BIG FAT WAST OF TIME if you ask me!
Stars: *

  (VERY VERY VERY YA- 18 and up) 

Book:39 Clues:The Black Circle(#5)

it was better then book 4. I like the story better in this one. they are fun to read. and I think that they have a lot to say.
it was better then I though it would be. I am really liking these books. the more of them I read the more I like them.this is a really good book. if you have not been reading them then you need too!
 Stars: * * * * *


Book:39 Clues:Beyond the grave(#4)

I liked it. not as good as book 3. but good. I like how they tell you more about grace in this one. it is a very cool book. I liked it more then I though I would. it is much better then book one. so the books are getting better the more you read them. so if you though book one was okay then you will like this one a lot. Dan is getting a little to funny for his own good.
stars: * * * * * 


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