Saturday, August 06, 2011

Book Abandon

I love meg's books and the fact that every time she writes a book she always keeps the best things about her writing but she keeps it new and fun. I really liked this was so good. not like I like her other books. I love her other books. but what I like is that this one is so new. it is not like  her other books.
this book was really good. I like people. I like the way the story plays out. it is a little slow at first but it gets a little faster. not by much.  but some how I did not mind at all.  meg has  a very very natural writing. that is easy and fun to read. and on top of that she is a great story teller. she knows how to make people and they're world come to life.
I liked how this book was dark. but it was about death and not werewolf's and stuff. it  was nice to read something that was done like this. the only thing I did not like was  how things did not always add up. she  did a bad job of making it a cliff hanger with out making it a cliff hanger.  well that is just about all I have to say about abandon. other then it was over good. not her best but very good.
this is a book for fans of her and fans of most books.

( YA-13 and up)
Stars: * * * 3.7

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  1. really great book! I love meg's stories too! Just have a heard time finding books like hers.
    Would love if you could list more books like her's.


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