Saturday, August 20, 2011


I have heard a lot if good things about this book.I have really wnated to read it but have not had the time. So when I saw this at the book store I had to get it. And I have to say that I loved the cover. But was sad to read that it had nothing to do with the cover.that really made me mad. I like the dress. but it had nothing to do with the green thing. I wish it would have been a scene from the book on the cover. the cover is cool. just not for the book its self.
as for the book. I liked it. but it was very slow book. the opening was awesome. but I was a little let down when the book stayed slow. I wanted more. I wanted to  more Si-Fi stuff. but there was none. yes it was really good Si-Fi. but it missed the high drama that comes with Si-fi. that is one of the keys to good Si-fi. it has to have lots of drama. it needs people fighting. love. anger, but this book missed that. other then I liked it okay. I liked the people in the story alright. they were good. need a little more to be good.
so really I was happy with the opening and mad at the end. it was to up in the air. and it did not leave me wanting to read the next one. I wish that this would have been just a little longer and that I could have had a good ending. what I would have also liked is that she write lots of books in the world she has made but that they are not about the people in this book.
 I think that teens will like this book because it shows us how we may feel powerless but be still make the choices that give us and other people the power. I like that in this book. I like how it shows us that some times we are alone. and that we have to do what is hard. and for a long time in the book that was not to talk not to tell any one what was going on.
also the book talks about how taking the choice away from the people will not take away the fact that they are people. and I like that. there is a lot of good in this book too.
so over all I liked and disliked this book. so this is a good  book for fans of slow  Si-Fi.

( YA- 13 and up. mostly for things that  younger kids do not get yet.)

Stars: * * *  3.7

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  1. I thought this was really good. it was a little slow but I liked it. I hope they make it in to a movie. nice review!


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