Friday, December 27, 2013

Book: Fangirl

As some of you may remember I read the book Eleanor & Park and feel head over heels in love with it! So when I found out that Rainbow Rowell had another book out, I did everything in my power to get my hands on it right away. First off this book is very different from Eleanor & Park.  THis book over all is a much happier kinda of love story. And having read ( and even thought about writing ) fanfiction I loved what a big part that played in this story. Though I would like to make it clear that I was not big in the fanfic world I just kinda pasted through it when I found a link on tumblr.  Reading this book shone some new light on it for me. I have always been on the fence about fanfic. Part of me thinking that it's fun to dream and share all the things you would have done differently - because that is how I got into writing in the first place. While the part of me is always thinking how I'm not sure if I would like someone to fanfic about my own stories. That I would not want them touching my characters. My characters who to me are family. But reading this book I saw a whole different side to fanfic. And I'm really grateful for that. 
Now the whole book was not about fanfic that was just a part of it. The book was about so many other things. Like growing up. Like family and what that truly means and the time old battle of knowing when to forgive someone, and knowing when you have been hurt to many times. 
It also dealt with the hard battle of going forward. Facing the future and all of the changes it holds. Of letting go not just of bad of the past but also letting go of good. Knowing when you those memories as joyful as they are, are holding you back. 
 THis book also has a super sweet love story that I felt I could totally relate too. 
Which brings me to Cather. I really feel in love with her because I felt that in so many ways she was like me. Something I'm sure all the readers of fangirl will feel at some point or another. 
I think that the most powerful I could say about this book was that I did not want it to end. I turned the last page and kept looking for the next one.  I did not want it to end. 
  Though very different from Eleanor & Park this book yet again shows us all how truly wonderful Rainbow Rowell is as a storyteller. I can't wait to read whatever she is cooking up next for us. 

( YA - 14 and up) 
Stars:  * * * * 4.0       LEVEL: PLEASE DON'T END

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Book: Kingdom Of Little Wounds

 I'm sure that you can see why I could not wait to read this book. This cover is by far one of my favorites of 2013.
This book started off a little rough for me. I was not sure of what was going on or the writing style. Though beautiful my reviewers copy had many errors with front and format. Something that I hope they have since fixed.   The writing of the book is at times beautiful. I was very happy with that. The story matched the writing. And the characters add a very colorful layer to the book. Making it a very strong read.  The historical side to the book was cream of the crop. I was very happy with it and even felt like I learned many things from the book, such as basic facts about the time and also a great understanding of what living in that time might have been like. It was not one of those historical books were I sat around thinking " oh that's not right. Or oh that is no way true". So rather or not the book was truly right on the mark historically it felt that way to me.
 The one area I was rather let down in was the fact that I felt the book was really YA. I felt that it might have been better off under new Adult or just adult. Sure YA readers might like it better than some adult readers do but truly the topic and many of the events of the book are very mature.  And for me that was something that really had me let down. While this does not take away from the story,writing or over all plot of the book it did take a lot out of the enjoyment for me.  When I see YA on a book as both reader and blogger I plan on getting a YA book. Getting something that is very clearly not YA bothers me greatly. I found that while 16 years could read this it was really a book that 17 and up might enjoy better.  I feel that on the book it should say 18 and up because really that's what it felt like to me the read the book was written for.
Now as a blogger this bothered me greatly because I felt that is was just another case of saying the book was YA so as to sell more copies of the book. Because publishers see that there is a lot of money to be made in YA. There is only money to be made in YA if the book is truly YA.
Over all I did like the book many of its points.

( New Adult/ Adult - 18 and up)
Stars:   * * *  3.6           LEVEL: NOT YA!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Book: North of Nowhere

I was a little hesitant about reading this book. When I was a kid I tried reading some of Liz Kessler's other books but I never could get into them.  Over all I have to say that I was pretty impressed.
I found that the writing and the story much better than I thought.
The pace was very quick. Some times to fast. But I think it will be great for younger readers who have a hard reading will like this book and will have a hard time putting it down. The story with it's little twists and tricks will be sure to be a hit.
 Also add to it interesting and well layered characters. The characters all of them were surprisingly life like. Over all I think that this is a book that many young writers will like and find worth to be worth the time.  Great way to keep the kids busy this winter without using video games and TV.

( 10 and up)
Stars: * * *  3.3                

I was given a copy of the book by the publisher. This did not in anyway effect my review or thoughts on the book

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Book: Percy Jackson and the Olympian: the Titans curse ( #3)

First off this book has the same pros as the first two; fast paced almost from the beginning, has good humor, good character development and is another fun but short look at what Greek mythology would look like in the modern world. though some things are different it is set in the winter not summer, and is darker than the first two, but keeps it's good sense of humor. This book does what the second did take away a main character and put in a new one or in this case three. The new characters are good some more the others. At first I was upset about this but it adds good variety to the book. Though I will say Grover does not get as much character development as Annabeth got in the last book and he seems only there to be comic relief. Also the ending to this book is far better then the last two overall. This is definitely the best in a series that keeps getting better and better.

Stars:*** 3.8          Level: listening to Percy's dam jokes FOR ETERNITY

The B team

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Book:The Elite

I loved and adored The Selection. It was one of the most enjoyable  YA books I have read over all.
THis book was not like that. I was so let down with this book on the whole.
I felt like nothing really happened.  Two much of the book was spent on things that didn't matter. What would have been much better is if more of the  book had been on the been spent on the politics of the book. I would have liked to have learned more about the world. Or more about the the other girls. That would have been awesome. I would have liked it much more than america trying to find out who she loved and how she felt about things.
But stil there was something too the book that I liked. I did like how we learned more about some of the characters and how points in the plot got deeper. I did like the things that we learned about some of the characters. The added details about them really helped bring the world alive.
 But still I would loved so much more from the author. After being blown away by The Selection I was let down with this book.
Over all it could not live up to the selection but still was a good read and left me very excited for The One.

( YA - 13 and UP)
Stars: * * * 3.4                                   LEVEL: Reality TV


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