Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Movie:The Ghost Writer

I love this movie. I have not read this book. and would not have watch this if it was not for my dad telling me I had to see it.he had read the book and was dieting to see the movie. so I watched it. and I have to say I loved it. my fave thing about this movie other then the awesome story was the lighting. it was awesome. and this  movie was great over all. I don't think many people who do not live for movies have seen it but really you should see it, even if you do not like it or care for it watch it. because it shows us where movies could go. it shows us  where we have the power to take a film. this movie was for the most part stand alone. I have never seen a film or read a book like this one.  and I loved the acting. this film was great. a must see. so cool.I think the story is well done and  over all it comes off really real. 
( PG-13) 
Stars: * * * * 4.7          

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