Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Book: City Of Lost Souls

First of all do you have any idea how hard it is to write a book blog when you have no library and you don't have money to buy books? its really hard. Im barely getting any work done on here.but lets get on to the book which is what you really care about.

This is the 5th book in the series. I have been a big fan of the books. I really love them. Not for the story but for the jokes in the book. its got a lot of wit. and this book did too. and I like that. but reading this book I felt it feel flat. there was way to much going on it. it was just crazy. and I really did not like most of it. now rather Ms.Clare was trying to or not it felt like a bad harry potter want-to-be at times. now let me be clear on what I mean by that. I mean that in all of the harry potter books some one you liked died. now J.K. had a really good way of doing it. it felt like life. it just happened. With Clare at times it felt like she was trying to play you. get you to like them so when they died you where upset. It was like she was trying to get you worked up. I know that Ms.Clare would say other wise. but it is how I felt at many times. and she was trying to hard to push it. to make it racer.  and the story of the books just keep getting worse. mostly because of it. Even for fantasy it was hard to believe at many times. and I felt like the book was a let down in many ways.So many of the things I had come to love in them-the reason why I read these books was just not there anymore.and in a way part of me lost interest in reading the next book if it was going to be this way.
Now there are parts and things that I did like. I did like Isabelle's storyline in this. I liked reading that. I liked the whole howl's moving castles house.That worked really well in the story. and i found that it still had some of the flare and sizzle that I have come to love with these books. and though many fans of the books would say other wise I did like Alec's storyline in this book. Even the way it ended.I thought that felt real. it felt more believable in many ways. What I had a hard time reading was Jorden's story. I'm sorry but I just have a hard time with the message that she is giving us. Its not right at all. yes its a good story. But its bad for some teen girls read about.

So over all I do not see my self jumping for the next book but I will be reading it at some point.

( YA- 15 and up warning there is a rape like scene in the book that might be hard to read for some to read)

Stars: * * * 3.5

Monday, November 26, 2012

Movie: Liz and Dick

I like pretty much everyone else  watched with movie just to see what is going to be know as one of the worst movies ever made. even by TV. I mean I have never thought that lifetime was a never much of a channel. and as soon as Miss.Lohan said she will win an oscar I knew I had to see just to know that that was never going to happen.
 I am not a an Elizabeth Taylor fan . And let me tell you that there are many nobody actors that could done a better job in their sleep. I mean is it to much to ask that she act a little bit like her. Sound like her. and you can see her trying to remember lines. and for once in my life I was so happy when the adds came on. finely there was so good acting. she might look some what like liz but that is only because she had nothing to do with it. I think the only reason she was able to do the job she did was because she felt she was a little bit like Elizabeth Taylor.
as for the cast and crew I feel sorry for them. they had to not only deal with Lohan but they also because this film feel apart because of her. any time you do a bio pick the actor if they can should watch movie interviews and learn how to walk like them and smile like them. its a big help in  making it believeable.
and as for the sets and so on they did the best they could its pretty good. I mean its lifetime. the script needed work. but all of it could have been good had it know been for Lohan. after this I hope to never see her in another movie again. and If she should ever get anywhere near to winning an oscar with the state she is in I dont think I could go on with movies anymore. I mean it has to be one of the hardest to watch movies I have ever seen. but if you're watching a movie for laughs its golden.
and its going to be one of the things moms and friends say to you when your movie fails " at least its not as bad as Liz and Dick".

( TV- 14)
Star: * 1.5

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Book:Drake's Quest

I would like to start off this review by jumping head first in to what it was I liked about the book.
I liked the feel of the book. I really liked Charlie and I felt that by the end of the book he had changed and grown- up in every really ways.At times the book was fun to read and I found my self liking it.
I liked how it worked history in there so it felt again very real. and there was good mix of pirate slang. it had a good cast. reading the words I could see that everyone in the book was different. and I thought that was somthing you don't see alot. and this is book older boys will love. its rich with history. it had lots of book points. but sadly in this case I feel like the bad out weighed the good.
what I did not like first off was the way the book was made. the pages fell out which could be a problem for library or if you are traveling with the book.And the pictures. that was a pain. This book should not be read by ten year olds. it should be 15 year olds. They are trying to sell the book to kids that can not handle this. no kid over the age of ten will read this book.
And there are somethings in here that should have then been cut out if they are trying to sell it to that age group. the Writers or the editor someone should have done something. this book could have been great and there are a lot of people I wanted to read it but after finshing it I know that either the kids will not like it or the parents will be very up set over them reading it.
This book does have many good points and I think that kids 12 and up would like it. but with the pages trying to look like maps and old paper it feels like a they are trying to sell you something to much and not letting the book speak for its self. if they were to rerelease the book and sell it to the older kids I would give it much better reviews.
would I still be unhappy by one of the parts and want that cut out of the story. yes but other things I would not have a problem with.
So if you are 12 and up and don't mind the pictures all that much I say this is great read.
(YA- 12 and up)

Stars: * * * 3.0

Fun Fact:Brighter Books plants one tree for every book soled.

And Thanks to Brighter books and Adam Slutsky for sending me a copy of this book.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Movie: Midnight's Childern

I was very happy to see this movie. it looked like it would really be a good movie. and I was very happy about it.
but half an hour in to the film I just sat there going " what? that is silly" or " what?! what is the point of these film again?". which is not a great thing. I found my self checking the my clock almost 15 minutes in to the film.
The acting and the direction was just breathtaking and it was great when you think about those things. But as for a script , well it was first of all very long. and at many times I felt like I did not really know what was going on. what was the focus of the film. what was it over all trying to tell me, trying to teach me. And over all it was very unhappy I just sat there waiting to everyone to die and for things just to get as bad as they could. I know that this was a beloved book one I have not read. I think that fans of the book will love the movie. but as for people who have never read the book might be spending most of their time waiting for the movie to end or walking out.
what could have been done to the script? well first of all for all you future screenwriters note that you have to find a way with out being cheep to get everyone to watch the movie and stay to the end.
this film could not do that to save its life. Had I not wanted to review the film I would have out right left. and to tell the truth lots of people did.
and another thing that was off was that they spoke english then the spoke what I believe was Hindi. Which i thought was poor choice my self.
Over all if you have not read the book I would not be racing to this one as I would some of the other film from the Telluride Film Festival.

(PG-13 to R)
Running time : 2 hours and around 45 minutes
Stars:  * * 2.8

( Poster Note: no posters have of now been released)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Movie: Rust And Bone

As always I saw this at the telluride film festival. and note that I love Marion Cotillard  and want to see this film because of her. 
This film is not what people lead you to think. Marion Cotillard lead.  This guy Alain is. Who to tell the truth I did not like all that much. He was all over the place and that was not the actor but the Writers fault.  I do not believe in the endless rewrites but he needed work. He was full of him self. And it seems that he did not true not love Marion. and he did not love his son. and to tell the truth watching the movie for me the only thing that could fix this guy was a nice kick in the butt. and at many points in the film the people around me were sighing and saying some very nasty works I will not say but you can guess. And my self and many others were hoping that Marion would find some one new.
Marion did a beautiful job brining Stephanie to life. showing you that as sad as she was she could get up again.
If you wanted to see this movie for Marion then i say yes because bottom line you will come out of it thinking to your self " Marion really is a breathtaking actress. her eyes tell the story". 
and as for the story its self I say that its more work. it needed to know what story it was trying to tell. a good script knows what its trying to make the moviegoers thinking about and get out of it. or getting them to see what you as the filmmaker see in the story and at many times it felt like it was not there. that the film made up of scenes and ideas that were just throw together as they went along. 
but as for everything other then the screenplay it was very well made film. And at points I liked it. over all I had very mixed feelings. But if you want to see it I say its worth a try. 

( R ) 
Stars: * * 2.9

And for those of you who wanted to know how they did the work with Marion's legs heres a quick look at how. 

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Movie: A Royal Affair

I got to see this film at the Telluride Film Festival. And At first I thought I was going to see another bad Historical film that was hollywooded up.
But what I found in this film was very different. This film was strong. Im not a fan of movies about affairs.But this is a movie I walked thinking " I want to see that again. I want to relive their love".
that does not mean I did not find small parts with the film I did not like but who could? so I shall start with the few things I did not like " at some points I felt the king was just a little over the top. but other then that I really liked him.
now on to the things I did like which is long. fist off the lead actor Mads Mikkelsen ( who most of you know from James Bond:Casino Royale and After The wedding.) I my self do not find him sexy but slowly I started to fall in love with him. His acting was breathtaking. and I think I liked him much better in this as the leading man then as the bad guy in bond. after this film I can see my self being a fan.
Also i never found my self getting mad or upset about the subtitles. I found them easy to read and to watch the movie at the same time. and yes I have seen many subtitled movies before this.

but back to the film. One thing that was great about this movie was that I saw things from everyones point of view. I saw the queens side. I saw the kings. I saw the peoples point of view. and I think that is a huge thing for a film maker to have done. its very hard to do that.and they did it in the best way they could. and from what I have read online it sounds like the film was very true to what really happened. which I really liked.
Really this film was one of the High lights of the films at the festival for me. its a film that has stayed with me long after I saw it.

( Rated R )
Stars: * * * * 4.0

Sunday, July 29, 2012


I have wanted to tea d this book since it first came out but never felt the real call to read it.
So when I saw it at the library a few weeks ago I thought what the hell I have nothing to lose at this point.
And I have to say this is one of the best books I have ever read. no its not a great classic but it really touches the heart. and for me the story of these two girls and how strong they are moves me. I just feel in love with both of them. yes at points it was hard to read because I did not always like what was going on ( I really love the big hollywood ends - so sue me). but the words and how they talk about music moved me so much. I want to go through the book again just to listen to all the music they talk about.
At times I felt like I could reach out and touch them. I could feel what they felt in my heart and soul. very few YA books really do that. something else I loved about this book was that it was not about another love sick teenager ( I know we all love them but it can get a little old). the love in this book was a different kind of true love.
there are so many things we can learn from this. That we are all going through are own hell but we have to find away to work through it. I think this is a book that anyone will learn something from. even if you don't like this kind of book. it is one that will move you. so if you can really read it. it is something that you should try. I my self can not wait to reread it- which means its very good because I never reread.

YA-13 and up
Stars:* * * * 4.5

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Movie: Waiting For Forever

I found this movie on netflix and it looked really good. I thought it would be a cute,fresh new indie love story. but I was wrong. this movie is okay. its not really that good. its an indie that looks like a so so lifetime movie. I'm not hating on it is okay but its never ever going to get out in theaters and it seems like thats what they where trying to do. there are two very bad things going for this movie. 1) the screenplay- it needs a lot of work. the idea is good. the rest is not. with a screenplay in that shape you really need a director who loves the film with a burning passion and actors who can act which brings me to problem 2) The Acting - When they cast Will they went for heartthrob not someone who can act. when playing a guy like Will it has to be a part of you. it seems like the blocking was forest. and when it can to the rest of the acting they should have looked for a guy who could play him like Ryan Gosling did Lars and The Real Girl ( if you have not seen that movie it is a most. it shows you what indie movies really are all about. ) sweet, fun, and crazy. but it is part of them not a show. the guy who played will it felt like he was trying to hard and not acting. I'm not trying to be mean Im just saying that its the truth. oh and Im adding a another one 3) The Fake - this movie is nothing but fake. I like it- well kinda but its fake the acting, the story the other the top trying to be something you have never seen. its fake. there are some scene where you watch it and thats all you get out of it.
And as far as Emma went I feel she tried but I would have liked to have seen someone a little softer playing her. I know she was going though a ruff time but she did not come off as nice at all. So she really was not likable. and a lot of scenes that show us how she feels where missed because of it. nothing happened. the only scene that really was pretty good was the one at the park.
and the whole ex-boyfriend thing was pretty dumb. I would have liked for it to come out and then we have to wait and hope that everything works out okay when Will finds out. but they tried to go all chris nolan on it and did not work. this should have in that area stayed with the tried and true.
and really its a film about a guy who stalks a girl. this is not okay no matter how cute you make the guy. its scary and no girl should like a guy like that. its just creepy okay.
but with that being said there were a lot of other good things about the movie. like the editing and the end was pretty. and they did a great job of getting the children actors and the grown up actors to look and act a lot a like. which is something a lot of movies get wrong. But it could have been better had those things been changes.

Stars:  * * 2.4

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Book:The Boyfriend List

I have heard many good things about this book and have read other books by the author and liked them a lot. so I thought it would be great to finely read this.
this was a very fun book. I liked the humor. and I loved the way it was written. I found my self seeing eye to eye with Ruby. I liked a lot of what she had to say. and I felt that she was just as lost in the middle of life as most teen girls are when it comes to boys and friends. and I love the way she goes around in circles, thats how a teenage mind works.  But as always with this writer. I found my self wishing that the girls in the story would not let people walk all over them. I wish they would stand up for them selfs and not let people be mean and push them around. and as always I did not like the ending. but hey maybe it was just me.but Im happy to know with this one that there was a follow up book. and I can't wait to read it.
I think I might just have fallen in love with roo.

(YA-13 and up)
Stars: * * * 3.4

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Book: Shut Out

I wanted to read this book after reading the duff to see if it got any better. most writers get better or worse with every book. this one was pretty much the same over all. I do not think  there was as much going as in the duff this one was more about the feelings of the main girl and else of the noise around her. and I liked it. I think I would like to see the writer have longer books. i think with time they could get better and met half way on the feeling and story level.
This book was much the to the duff in that both the girls have the weird things they do daily. just like little things that make them more really which I like. I think its little  things like that add to a book a lot.it gives me hope that one day this author will read something really and truly great. She won't have to mess around with the sex and the boys and the people in the story will get deeper over time.
can't wait to see what she writes next!

(YA-13 and up)

Stars: * * * 3.4

Friday, April 13, 2012

TV Show: Sherlock

I saw this show thanks to netflix. A friend said that they saw the show and loved it. So I watched.
and lets just say Im head over heals with the show. it is so well made and so funny. and I just love it. thought Im a fan of almost anything that has to do with sherlock Holmes. I love enola holmes. the old sherlock holmes the new ones with Downy Jr. and I love love this show. it is so good. One of the best things about this show is how people ask if Sherlock and John are together. and they talk about how holmes to a point is off the wall. how with out a case he is bored.
and I also like how real it is. How this is what would happen if sherlock where here now. at first I did not like the idea of them messing with sherlock. and I think that they do nothing but good. what I am scared of is the USA show. I don't think that the USA will do it any good. the show is set to air on CBS some time soonish.  I love it and can not wait to see the new ones of the show! it is almost killing me to have to wait!
If you can watch the show! its so great.

I can not get a age rating on the show. So I must give you mine. I say 14 and up. there are deaths. and some crimes with kid (s). there are some nail biting times.

Stars: * * * * * 5.0

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Book:The Duff

I have wanted to read this book for a while and when i heard they where making it in to a tv show I just had to read the book.
I thought the book was good but I thought it would talk a little bit more about what it was like to be a duff. but the whole thing was about a guy and like a love story thing. So  other then that it was pretty good.
I liked it. but the hard thing was at points it felt like everything I have read before. I think that it will make a great TV show and that people will like watching it and reading the book.

really there is not much I can review of it because  there was not much to the book. now that is not a bad thing it just is the way the book was. a light break from the rest of the world and that is nice for a book. but it makes for a bad review sadly.
so if you like books all about sex and teen age matters of the heart. I liked the end of it very much. but would have like to see a little more of it.

(YA -15 and up)

Stars: * * * 3.4

Saturday, February 25, 2012


So I have not read any other books by this writer. I got the book only because I liked the cover.
I always find it fun to read books about the Titanic. mostly because there is no way you can top the movie. you just can. and the only way you could do it is if you remake it 100 years from now. you just can't. but I thought I would read this anyway to see if it was a ripe off of the movie or not.
 and I did like it because it had some downton Abbey parts to it. I found it to be a wast of time.  it had me thinking why as I read most of it. and I think it is so silly how much of it was like a trashy rom-novel. but I read it mostly because I wanted to know if the end was like that of the movie.and it had to have parts of the movie. the sad heart break of what happened. My thing is if we can all get so heart broken over something that happened a 100 years why can we get that way about things that happened today. like the war or all the other stuff going on. all of these things pulled young lovers together and apart.
had I seen this cover I would never have read the book
but back to the book. It is paranormal. and it sucks. yes the love in it is great but it is so stupid that I could not find my self liking it. I am not a love sick teenage girl and so I feel that this book should only be read by that or people trying to regain their youth. there is no story to this other then two people fall in love on the titanic. the only good thing about the book was that is was small so I did not have to wast to much time reading it.  there are lots of good books to read out there. So don't pick this one.  I  could sit here and write to you about how bad it is but that would be a wast of my time. I have not read her other books but I would like to just to see if they are as bad as this.

(YA 15 and up)
Stars: * * 2.4

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Book: Entwined

I have wanted to read this book because I love the cover and I saw the book at the library and I had to get it because on the back The writer of East praised the book. and I loved East so much that I just had to take the book. I did not read the inside cover so when i read it and it started to sound like the 12 dancing princess ( which is one of my most loved childhood fairy tale) I fell head over heels for the book.One thing I love about books like this one is that is it gives the people in it that little push it tells us about them. it gave the girls a hobby and we see how that changed who they were and what they did with their time. I loved the people in the book to. and so much of the book made me think of the book East. In a good way. I also loved the hole thing with the king. But I found that the keeper and the end was all but to easy to see coming from the start. it was good and all but if you are going to change the story and what happens then you might want to add a good twist to. I like how all of the girls had flower names. and I like how they all where so one of a kind. what I did not like was how unclear the ages where and all of that. I thought a lot of the girl where the wrong ages and got a little lost. I think it would have been nice to say which girl would come out in what year or found some way to tell you how old they where a little faster. but other then that I liked the book. I liked why they had to go dancing. I did get a little mad at them for the way they where so dumb about things here and there.Sometimes I ask my self is it so hard to write someone who is smart and who some what really knows whats going on. and its like with the keeper there are so many little things that could have been done to better play out what happened. but again other then that I liked this book. I felt it was a great YA story of the 12 dancing princess.  A must read book if you liked East or the 12 dancing princess.

(YA 12 and up)

Stars: * * * * 4.5

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Book: Beautiful Days ( BTY #2)

I have to say I liked Bright Young Things so much better then the Luxes books. And this one does the same thing. I like the girls in this better. They are not out to get the other one and I think that makes its readable. I also love the whole speakeasy thing and they gang feel with it. it is a very fun book and I like it.
It also might because I love the time. one thing I would really like to know is what would happen if the people from the luxe met the girls in this book. I would like to know what happened to them. if any of them are still rich and where their lives went.  but back to this book. I love  really like the story.I think that books and movies like this are really coming back up and I think it will be nice  fun to see what happens to these books when the next books like this start to come out.
 I do like the books and I like how much people. I feel that the story of this book is not new or fresh really most of it is just bits from other books and movies but I like it and I think it was a good book and fans the luxes books and others will like this. and if you read the first of theses books and have been on the fence about this one then I say go ahead and read it. its good.  It was much better then  the first. there are many things wrong with it but I Think that in a few years and with some more books Anna Gobersen could really be a great great writer. she knows how to create great people and backdrops, if she can get the story right ( which she is starting to do) then things will be great,

( 16 and up)

Stars: * * * 3.4

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks

I have been told to read this book since it came out and I never did. and where I do like the book i am glad I did not read it any sooner. This book is great for younger teens but I liked it because I felt I could see what Frankie meant by her boyfriend not getting her always. and I know what she meant by not wanting to be a little kid anymore. I feel i could see how she changed and how she changed so fast. and I liked it. where this book is not as funny and nuts as some people might think it is, it is a YA book with a mind and a heart. it tells us what it is like to be a teen ager and they changes we make in both our world and in our selfs. so they might be as big as the ones Frankie made but they are changes none the less. I really like how the book is set. and I may self am really in to the slow one thing at a time changes that we all go through. and I think this book is great for all of us who have wanted to do things like this but have never had the guts or the need to. Thats why I liked the book. I would like to do some thing like in the book (see the photo blow).
So this book is like her other books. its not really one kind of book its a little bit of everything. and I think that it is a good book to read. I liked it a lot. and would like to read her other books.
(YA-12 and up)
Stars:* * * 3.4

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Movie: Fair Game

I liked this movie. I have turned in to a huge indie fan because of films like this. it really just stands out. as one of the better films you see. it has this great feeling of being real yet taking you away from the real would all at the same time. Which is something that many have a very hard time doing. like everything else in movie making its not easy and its great to watch when someone gets it right.And it you like the Bourne movies I think you will really like this. one of the killer points of the film is the fact that it is based of real life. One of the down points was the fact that it was slow at times and then it would get fast and slow. Thats normally fine but there was no flow to it. and the sharpness of it does not add to the feel of the movie. It felt like the passing was off. and some of the smaller actors broke at a few little points in the film. but Naomi Watts and Sean Penn were great in this film as always. and I think that shows a great look at the real life spy game. i know this is a short review but there is not to much to say about this movie other than it is wroth watching it . 

Stars: * * * 3.4

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Book: The Power Of Six ( A Lorien Legacies)

So this is book two of the Lorien Legacies or I Am Number Four. and I most say that I hated the movie but I liked the book. and when I got my hands on this one I feel in head first back in to the books. i like how we are learning more about the other ones and we learn more about Six.  I wish that it would have told us when it was going to change person but other then that I liked the book. it was a little better written then the  first. and there was a lot more going on which is the write way to do it with books like this. and I like how we see more of what Lorien might have been like. and we learn where Henri was right and wrong in what he told John.
 Now when it comes to number Seven I was very happy with it. I like her and how her story is unlike John's or Six's.what I did not like was how for such a long story we did not see John grow. I think that there would have been more from where the other books ended to now. and I feel that the writer did not always think about adding more to it. this book does not have a heart. and if it does it is well hided in stone. it is cold and there is no life to it. but what do you really want from a book like this? well it had been not be the world because thats not what your going to get from this. But I liked it and I think that fans of the first book and movie will too.  and if you have time and no other book to read give this a try ( well the first one or the movie first) and you might really like it.  This is a book boys might really like.

(YA-12 and Up)
Stars: * * * 3.4

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Book:Extraordinary by Adam Selzer

When I saw this book at the library i thought it was funny how the cover looked the movie poster for Enchanted. I don't know maybe it was just me.But I saw that this book was by the guy who wrote I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked it . and I have to say I did like it. and I liked this book to. it was funny and witty. I love his I-hate-everything-well-almost kind of girls. and I liked the idea of this book. but sad to say i did not know until half way in to the book that it was set three years after I Kissed a Zombie and I liked it. And I should have known but I did not. and if you have not read his other book read it first so you don't find out the ending before hand. and as for this books ending about half in to it I was ready to put it down and read something else because it was just getting idiotic what was going on and had it not been for Alley I would have stopped. I loved Alley. and so I read on. and I loved the end.the twist was good. this is a nice book to read if you like me has had your fill of zombies and vampires and just about everything else paranormal.  I like how this book is fun and witty but it is not lame like some books the jokes are not pushed down you mouth like some books these days. and the book leaves you happy and full, with the need for a like nap. which is a good thing! these days I want a book like that.you read all of these hard core books  on vamps and zombies and  it is just lame. and yes , this book is not "extraordinary" but it is a good but and fun to read. not every book you read has to awesome. And if you any of his other books read this one. I  over all i liked this book and found it fun and sweet with a bit of salt.

(YA-12 and up)
Stars: * * * 3.5

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Book:City Of Ashes

So as some of you might know I really  have a hard time with these books. I love people and the way they are but I hate the story and feel it is a rip off of every book or movie known to most of man. like harry potter and star wars and so on. and where most people can make it their own and make it work some how these books just can't do it. which is why I have a love-hate thing going for the books.and to tell the truth its hard not to love them and its hard not to hate them. Jace is a fun nicely written guy and Clary I like she is not just like every other YA Heroine but she makes the cut of being readable.  but the story is just like.... little bit of a kill me now please. and the way that the people keep dying and coming back is an unfair and the work of a young and unwise writer. but then again some how she makes it work because I will still be reading the next book as soon as I can ( even if I like to wait as long as I can to read her books).
 I do not always like the way the story plays out. it is made to make the read feel things and get mad. it is just  poorly done. These days you see a lot of YA writers who think that death and heartache will get you fans but really I think slowly you will just lose them if you do not do it write. To make someone in the story fall in love or die as to be needed to the story as air its self other wise it will slowly kill the story its self. so it needs to be needed. and I know  I hate to think that the story will slowly get worst, because it seems that books have to darker before they can get lighter.  and I hate to think what will happen in the next books and I am also dying to know what happens with Jace and Clary. and all of this is really pissing me off right now to tell the truth.
I think that books are fun and I like them a lot and hate them a lot but I my self and getting very very happy about the movie and can not wait to see how it will turn out! but back to the book, again
 I liked who this one went to smoothly with the other book and I like how added up. I like the way we see how the shadow hunter world is both bigger and smaller then we thought it was. and I have to say I like the way things coming together. and I really like Alec in this book. He has a brain and that is always something that is hard to find in a side kick. and as for simon I can not say I am so happy, I am waiting to see why that poor kid had to go though all of this because right now it seems like it was all because the writer need to add more pages to the story and it was only thing she could think of. and I feel that as of right now it was just weird.
Over all the books are growing on me more, but I still hate the story.

(YA-13 and Up)
Stars: * * * 3.4


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