Thursday, April 07, 2011

Book: Rich and Mad

this was as bad as it sounds. I was hoping for something good but all I got was a book to a bad ABCfamily movie. If you love ABCfamily dramas then you might like this book. And you might not. It is not all that great. I like how there was Mad Then Richs side of the story. And I hated Grace. If you want to read this book I can give you a list of book that to read. This book just goes to show you that screenplay writers should almost never write a book for teens. EVER! Get it!! Good! That is not to say he was not a good writer.bits just that screenwrites have to much going on. They write books like movies. And it does not always work right. Sometimes it does. And in a case like this on it does not. It work at some parts in this because of that.but mosty not.this book did have some good things though, in like Kitty. She was cute. And I liked Leo. Now before you go jumping down on me like a pack of mad wolfs! I only liked because I think that it can help lots of young women everywhere. But I did not like anything else about this book.
Over all not really very good.
(YA-15 and up)
Stars:** 2.6


  1. I disagree. I think Rich & Mad is really well written and I think William Nicholson is a fantastic author. Always interesting to see another point of view though! Sorry it wasn't for you.

  2. It was very well written. You have to be a great writer to write screenplays. What I meant was is his story was not great. But i'm so happy you like the boook. I really had a nice time reading it though.


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