Sunday, October 09, 2011

Book: Sequins, secrets, and Silver linings

I found this book at the library as always and had to read it when I found out it was from the UK. It can be so hard to find books from other countries some times. and this looked cute.
And I have to say it was. I liked how this was like the UK's The Daughters. and I found it really fun and easy to read. I loved the how story with Crow and how she.... well read it for your self to know the awesome story that is hide in in side the book.
what I did not always like was how it was just like every other book i had read like it. the fact that it showed  3 girls that are just like every non-teen thinks teen-agers are. we are not  either fake in want to be an actor. we are not young workers and we are not the young girl trying to find her self in cloths. we are more then that and I wish the book would have tried harder to show us that. but other then that it was all good. I liked how it was cute it was. and how it was just a nice story of teen age friendship and how it is always changing and how you can still stay friends if you try.

(Tween/YA 11 and up)

Stars: * * * 3.7

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