Saturday, August 06, 2011

Book: City Of Bones

So as you know I read the book Clock Work Angel and well I loved. and I feel the same about this one.
on one page I love it the next I hate it. as you can see it is not an easy book to read. but I have to keep reading.  this book is like secret life to me.  I hate it because I love it. I do not like all the killing and the way that the book always keep trying to get you ip set about everything.but I do like the love stories in these books. how they feel the same way I do about this book, you love them for a while, you hate them the next ( or pages in my case). but in anyway case I found my self liking the book. mostly because I was starting to like Jace.Ms.Clare is very good at making the people very real and making them likable. they are the reason you keep reading even after you get made as the story gets worse.  and I found my self wishing more and more that he and Clary would hook up. so need else to say I did not like the end every much. I am hoping that clare will make up for the bad end in the next book. but the one nice thing about the end is how she did it. she showed us one thing and we all saw it coming but there was so much more going on that I did not see coming at all. so with that being said I find my self were I was with her other book ( clock work angel see above). I will read the next book soon. but it will take some time to get over this one. I can not wait to see the movie.
over all this book is some people's cup  and others will hate it, and others will be like me and do both.
as far as what books it is like I don't know. it is one of those books you have to try and see how you like it.
but one thing some one said is that "this book is like a bad harry potter.  it shows us what trash J.K. could have written. only thing is she would not have gotten away with it like Clare did."
(YA-15 and up. for blood  and so on)
Stars: * * * 3.4

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