Monday, November 26, 2012

Movie: Liz and Dick

I like pretty much everyone else  watched with movie just to see what is going to be know as one of the worst movies ever made. even by TV. I mean I have never thought that lifetime was a never much of a channel. and as soon as Miss.Lohan said she will win an oscar I knew I had to see just to know that that was never going to happen.
 I am not a an Elizabeth Taylor fan . And let me tell you that there are many nobody actors that could done a better job in their sleep. I mean is it to much to ask that she act a little bit like her. Sound like her. and you can see her trying to remember lines. and for once in my life I was so happy when the adds came on. finely there was so good acting. she might look some what like liz but that is only because she had nothing to do with it. I think the only reason she was able to do the job she did was because she felt she was a little bit like Elizabeth Taylor.
as for the cast and crew I feel sorry for them. they had to not only deal with Lohan but they also because this film feel apart because of her. any time you do a bio pick the actor if they can should watch movie interviews and learn how to walk like them and smile like them. its a big help in  making it believeable.
and as for the sets and so on they did the best they could its pretty good. I mean its lifetime. the script needed work. but all of it could have been good had it know been for Lohan. after this I hope to never see her in another movie again. and If she should ever get anywhere near to winning an oscar with the state she is in I dont think I could go on with movies anymore. I mean it has to be one of the hardest to watch movies I have ever seen. but if you're watching a movie for laughs its golden.
and its going to be one of the things moms and friends say to you when your movie fails " at least its not as bad as Liz and Dick".

( TV- 14)
Star: * 1.5


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