Monday, July 04, 2011

Movie:The Fifth Element

I have heard  this movie is good. both from my family and from the book Classy.  I am not sure how I  ended up watching this movie but I did.  and I love this movie. that is all I can say. I love it. it rocks. it is funny but it has a good story. almost everything is done right. the only 3 things that are not is 1: the sets look like star wars way to much.  2: I hate what LeeLoo wears it is not cool at all. 3: the poster ( as seen here) sucks. it really does I would not have gone to see this movie with this poster. it  looks like crap.
but with that a side these movie is one you have to see if you have not seen it. it is to good to miss out on. it is one of those movies that you have to watch other wises you can not say you have seen Si-fi or a good movie. so what this movie it is good. take it from me. and if not from me then from Classy. and if not from him then from the si-fi world.  and if not from them then oh well you get the point. you should see this movie.

( PG-13- for sex, killing,blood, creepy images, being Si-Fi  and so on)

Stars: * * * * 5.0

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