Sunday, August 14, 2011


 I  read the first one Nightshade. and needless to say I did not like it ( read review for full thoughts). so when I saw this book at the library I knew I had to read if only to trash it in the review. I start this one trying to be open minded. and I have to say that I liked this one more. I could feel that Calla loved Shay but still had feelings for Ren. which is how it always goes in love I think. you still love your old boyfriend even if you love your new boyfriend . in the first one I did not see the love. I did not see one little bit of love anywhere. but this one I could see it.this one unlike the first on was a fast just whent by with out knowing it I had read over  200 pages.
but that does not mean I liked it. it was still pretty trash and I found my self sighing a lot at the book. I thought it moved a little to fast at some parts and to slow at others. which was not very nice. I like my books to be same in pase untill the end. which is where I like it to get much faster.
what I did not like was the writing or the end. they both seemed like half baked and we all hate half baked cookies. or at lest I do. but any way. the end was BS. big time. and I think that Mrs.Cremer was not happy with her own style and so she tried to write like some one else. and the truth is most great writers is that they know they're style and they stay with it no matter what other people think.
over all better then the first but still really bad.
( YA-13. mostly killing and they make it sound like to people have sex. well really the tell you they do. but they don't go to far with it)
Stars: * * 2.6

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