Friday, December 23, 2011


I found this book at the library and wanted to read it because of the cover, which I think is awesome. and as for the story it have been along time since I have read something like this. I don't normally read things that have to do with ghosts or time-travel. I find it hard to do a good job with ghost or time-travel because it is a hard thing to do.  But this book does a good job. I like the the characters, which is what kept me reading. the story was not always the strong point of the book. but that was okay because Em was. and I think that worked out fine. my only thing with Em is that at points she seems like every other girl you read about in YA books. she had me thinking of girls from Meg Cabot's books.  and I think that the feeling went on as she started to hang out with mike it started to feel like like manny of Ms.Cabot's books. I like that feel and all I  would like to see some thing that is not the same from these YA writers. I mean is it so hard to write a girl that is not like ever one you read about. but on up side with this one was at least the bad guy was not like all of the ones you read about. and  I liked Dru. she was pretty cool and I liked how she loved Em so much and was so nice and how she would stop Thomas doing things because she was believe it is just like the same thing. And I have to say I liked everyone else in the book and I really liked the story. I thought it was well done. One thing I did not like was how people call this book a mystery.  I think it had mystery in the book but it is not a mystery. if we call every book that a little mystery then there would be more mystery book out there then anyone could even think of. I liked the story and the idea. I liked the way that kept you want more.  I think that it was smart how the whole time travel thing worked in the book and I thought the whole idea of the way that she did it was awesome.This book did the was slow but  i think it worked better for it to be that way. normally i think that the timing in a book is so hard to get right. but I found that this one did it right.  the the time went with the book and very thing happened in the story at the right time. And since the book is about time it was a good thing everything was  on time.
Over all a really good book. I think that it is a good read.

(YA -12 )
Stars: * * * 3.4

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Movie:Cowboys and Aliens

So some of you might have heard of this movie, some of you might not. I had heard of it and  I watched because my brother wanted. and I mean who does not want to see a cowboy fight an alien, its like every little boys dream (  I am a girl but I have a brother and a dad, so growing up I did watch a lot of sci-fi and western movies). and I wanted to see Olivia Wilde in something other then Tron and Butter. and I have to say it was nice to she her in this movie. I over all liked the cast and was very happy and sad to say this movie is nothing like I thought it would be. Their are a lot of haters and lovers for this movie. and I don't know which one I am. I like a lot of it and dislike a lot of it too. Over all I like the people and the story.I thought that at points it was very well done.I liked Jake and they way he handed things. I like how he was to other people and how most of the time he had  a mind and he used it. I  also really liked Ella because she was not like anyone else in the movie and kept everything together and for me that was one way you could tell it was a Si-Fi was by Jake and Ella they had a mind and by the way the acted with each other is one thing you see a lot in great sci-fi movies. And when done right like in this movie it really makes things likable and help moves the story along nicely. I thought that over all it was well done with everyone else to because you really saw people change, you got to see the highs and the lows of this and see how to work with people you so you can get the people you love back.But I do not like  the aliens and the the way at points like felt more like watching a bad horror movie then a sci-fi -western thing. and I think that they way he aliens where was really western. in most sci-fi you see a bad and you get an idea of why they are bad. where in most westerns you just see a bad guy as being bad. a western is more about good and bad where sci-fi is more about life and what really is good and bad. which is why I liked that jake  was  both. it kept everything in check. so in that way the film was good at mixing the two.Well up in till the last battle  in which case it was trying to hard to be to much. to much  of a sci-fi and to much of a western. and let me just say it had me really hating the movie. because some of it was not needed and over all made the film look trashy.   And I did not always like the endless need to be bloodily and gross and there was an endless killing. that to me was just out and out weird. Also  the ending of the movie was not what I saw coming. really most of the movie was not what I saw coming. and I say if you want to see it see its not really a wast of time. But believe me when I say that is  almost R on  last battle.

Stars: * * * 3.4

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Book:Play Me

So this book is not new, but right now I was having a hard time finding a book to read. I feel out of place with books lately. and so I thought that book all about movies would be just the right pick me up and it was movies that have been making it hard for me to find the time to read.
This book was fun to read. it is not some great work, but it was fun and nice for me to read because of all the movies it talked about, and I found I could relate to Eddy and some of the things he felt about movies and his life the most. One thing I really do like was how it was set in a guys head, that way girls can pass it on to their boyfriends and it would be else of  a pain and because also it made the book better i felt. because you got to see how a guy handed these things. I could see how a girl no matter what she was like dealing with these things but this a guy I never feel i know so fully.  and something else I really liked ( mostly because it is what I am going through) is what means more your friends or the dream?  and I felt that the book did a good job of showing us both sides and how Eddy felt about them. and how he was so cought up in it all that he did not always see what was going now around him. and I some times felt that people around him changed their minds to fast.  and that I did not feel that there was much going on with the other kids or people in  felt dull. and i want to know if that is just the author or is it the story and the people? I think that it is just the writer.
 i would say read this book, if you want to read about movies but do not read it if you want to be in movies so much,because it is really not a very.

(YA-13 and up)
Star: * * * 3.4

Monday, December 05, 2011

Book: Wounderstruck

This is a book that I read because of a book club and well it might not live up to  the Invention of Hugo Cabret , it still delivers the same "Wounder" ( :] ) of Hugo Cabret. But this time Brian Selznick goes even further with his new way of writing and style  by making one of his two main characters story tolled through words the other through pictures. Which I  think it is a great novel very compelling story that makes you want to read it all in one day. Very well written, the crafters are great and again so far in both of his books Selznick has made a single image (that are shown in both books) defines the story and it is something that I have not seen before in books. This book is for you should read trust me i think Hugo is better but just by a little. also the level of detail and research that his does for these books if amazing. The way the story comes together like in Hugo is also a delight to read.  i am vary interested to see what other authors might do with this new way of writing a book and I hope Brian will do more books- hopefully in this style again. (but this kind of book takes  a long time to write so fans we have to wait a while till the next book.)

( Tweens/12 and up)

* * * * 4.5


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