Thursday, October 24, 2013

Book: Timepiece

So for those of you who read the  Hourglass review know how much I loved that book. And while this book was good it did not have the same spark to it that Hourglass did. 
One high light of this book was that it was not from Em's point of view but from Kaleb's. Now while I did not like Kaleb all the time and I found that his character  flawed.  I liked how he was broken and because of that he spent a lot of time feeling for other people. I know it was part of his power but he spend much of his time thinking about other people. When things were hard for him he focused on the people around him rather than himself.  Did he lack something that makes him stand out from the other boys in YA.But what I liked was seeing Em from someone else's point of view and getting to know Lily better.  And I also really like to read books from the male point of view.
I liked how Kaleb's and Lily's story. Though it felt that things were a little weird with how Lily did not pick up on Kaleb having a crush on Em.  Being a girl and knowing what good friends Lily is with Em, I'm pretty sure that Em would have told Lily, that Kaleb was crushing on her. 
I had very mixed feelings on the rest of book over all. I liked the story of this book but found the pacing  to slow and to fast at the same time. It moved to slow for 3/4 of the book. Then at the very end right when I was getting in to it everything moved way to fast giving me way to little of what I really cared about. Without giving anything way I found the end twist, and then the finale scene/part with Kaleb's family moved way to fast. There are so  many things that I cared about and wanted to know from Kaleb's point of view! But the author did not give them to me! 
Over all the book was a bit of a let down but I'm still keeping my hopes up for the book.
( YA- 13 and up ) 
Stars: * * * 3.4                          Level: TIME RIP. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Book: Divergent

I have heard so many wonderful things about this and read so many great reviews about it. But I never felt like it was my kind of book. I thought that like the hunger games I would find it to violent to like it or enjoy it. But when I saw the the movie trailer I knew that I had to read the book.
Reading the book I found myself torn right down the middle. As a reader thought I found it violent and hard to read I still fell in love with the book. As a reviewer I had a hard time looking past how violent the story was. I know that I should not be both reader and reviewer but I feel as a reviewer I can not look past the way that the book seems to justify violence. As a reviewer I always think about how I like the book and how others will like the book. And in doing that I always find myself thinking about how it will affect other people and their lives. A great book should make you want to do good and make you think about something you never have before. 
Where as a reader I'm not thinking about anyone else but myself.  I might think of a friend who would love the book but that's it. I never stop to think if it will change someone for the worsted. 
But as both reader and reviewer I really loved the setting and the world building of the story. I was able to get lost in it fully without every questioning things that the author did ( I only questioned the normal things is what I'm trying to say here).
Tris.I found that I really liked Tris. She was strong but not because she could fight but she was strong because she was willing to give to others. And when she would break she always got right back up again. For me that is what a strong character does. Tris is in many ways the ideal YA main character - female or otherwise. As for the other characters they were all good and added to the story nicely.  But the one character  I did not care for was Jeanine.  There was nothing that made her stand out and I felt like we were never told anything about her. It made a lot of scenes about her and with her fall flat.  
Again as both reader and reviewer I also would have liked the love story to either be cut out or had the timing on it be better. The one of the most important part of the book is happening and all Tris can think about is how hot this one character is! I was like are you joking? If I or anyone I knows was there we would be way to busy thinking about anything but how hot that guy is. It drove me crazy. 
Another think that bothered me as a person was the almost rape/murder scene. Without going in to detail about it pissed me off.  What really got to me was how little was said about it. It was like it was no big deal. No matter if they were only going to kill her. It felt like there was going to happen to her first. This is a really big problem in YA for me. Everyone wants to do a rap scene but they never want to really deal with the problem. People just get over the rap or almost rap the next day like nothing happened.Whatever it is that writer is trying to do is not helping the reader understand what a terrible thing rap really is.   Sorry for the rant there but I feel like this is something that needs to be addressed. 
Over all I really did like the book. It was hard to put down. I got lost in easily, and fell in love with many points to it. I felt like the flaws with this book are never talked about. I know that this review seems like I did not but I wanted to point out the flaws in the book. Because I did feel that those things stopped me from giving it a higher review and from wanting to tell some of friends to read it. 

( YA - 14 and up - for violence) 

Book: * * * 3.8           Level: Read With A Thoughtful Mind

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Book: Contaminated

I try my best to write honest reviews that are fair. I do my best to try to find the book in a book and not to go hating on it because a lot of work was put into it. Doing that with this book is going to be very hard but I will try to do my best.
First off the book was made up of mostly back story. About 3/4 of the book was back story. Backstory is okay a lot of writers could use more of it. But having backstory over power your whole book to the point where I can no longer see the plot is a major problem.
The next problem was Velvet. While I did like how strong she was, there was just so much to her that was missing. And I found the love story in the book to be just like everything else. Nothing new was brought to the table. And with a book like the this you need strong, well crafted characters to bring it up, and make it readable.
At times the way that the book did not follow the norm of most zombie books there were many points while reading it that I wish it did. A zombie book needs acton and horror. This book had none of it. It just kept going endlessly. I found that I had to talk myself in to picking up the book to read it. I really don't want to be a rude and nasty reviewer but had I not been reading this book to review it, I would not have finished it.
One thing that was good was the author's writing. I have a feeling that is why the book got published because the story and the characters fell very flat. I hope that in the future the writer of the book can keep up the points  of her writing and fix the problems with the characters, story, plot, and setting.
Over all I can not recommend this book when there are so many other great ones out there to be read.

( YA 13 and up)

Stars: * 1.3                      Level: Rather Be ZOMBIE 

I was given a copy of the book by the publisher. This did not in anyway effect my review or thoughts on the book

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Book: Rock And A Hard Place

Clearly I had no idea what I was getting into when I started this book. Like I did not know that the name of the book would have more meaning to the story than just of that of an everyday metaphor.
At many times through out reading this book I really did come to love Libby (even if she was a little freaky at points). She had been through a lot of a lot and is going through a lot in the book.  But at times I did find that her story was so much like the other sad young adult romance books.  But at the time when that was not bothering me. And yes, how crazy and silly she was at times did force me to take breaks from reading the book. But on the whole I liked Lily and her story.
As for Peter he was pretty good. Did it sometimes get on my nerves? Yes, but when taking this book for what it is there are many things about it that are good. First of all it's fun. And after your done reading it you feel good about life. You feel hopeful. Which is something that I don't feel a lot of times with poplar young adult books.
Over all not a lot to be said about this book other than I think fans of this book will like and happily ignore it's flaws.

( YA 14 and up)
Stars: * * *  3.0                                          Level: Sweet Summer Love

I was given a copy of the book by the publisher. This did not in anyway effect my review or thoughts on the book

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Book: Find Me

This book had a wonderful start giving me much hope that it would be something wonderful and memorable.  The writing drew me in right away. I have never read anything else by  Ms Bernard but her writing was very strong. In moments of action she really pulled you in and knew the timing and pacing of it very well.  It was her story telling that needed work. There is so much to the story that was just... off. Nothing about the story seemed to be coming from the heart.  The forced love story drove me mad! Most people think that you have to have a love story to get YA readers or else your story will be totally unsellable. But in the case of this book I feel that if the love story was cut out all together you would have a much better chance at getting readers.
Also if the book had know felt like a rip off of all the other poplar YA books out there I would have liked it.  If you are going to rip off other poplar books that pretty much everyone has read then you need to at the very least do it with a good character leading the story. I did like somethings about Wicked but the fact that she did not go and get help at some points in this book drove me crazy. And the fact that she stayed pretty much the same person from start to finish. Also though I did love the hacking part of the story it felt pretty weak at times. and I found it hard to believe that Wicked was this great hacker. A lot of what she did seemed to be on the more basic side of hacking.
But what I did like about Wicked was how she was a nice mix of being that strong- kick-butt main character and the softer sweeter main character. In that sense she felt real. And since so many YA authors seem to miss that when writing a main character it was really nice to see that Ms. Bernard got that right.
 But there are many things I did like in the book. Like some of the twist even if I did kinda see them coming. Or Lily. I really liked her.  And the mystery part of the story was great.  The way the diary was worked into the story was awesome.
Over all I think fans of Mysteries or readers who need a break from the fluffy reads ( but who don't want to jump in to really hard heavy stuff ) will like this. Is this book flawed yes - but the flaws do not take away from the points of the book.

( YA - 14 and Up)

Stars: * * *  3.0                            Level: Read At Your Own Risk

I was given a copy of the book by the publisher. This did not in anyway effect my review or thoughts on the book

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Book: The Boy On The Bridge

This book got my interest because of the cold war russia setting. And I'm happy to say that as far as the setting went it was a very good book. I have never been to russia and was not around during the cold war but I felt that the book gave me a very realistic and truthful point of view on the time.  I was shocked at how though the book was in third person it felt like it was in first person which was really nice.  Laura I felt could have been more interesting she was a lacking that something that makes her stand out from the other characters in the book and in YA over all. At times the things she did were very.... for lack of a better word stupid. I felt like she could have been a little smarter at times. And it bothered me that when she was weighing why she loved Alyosha the only things that she could think of was how he looked. That really bothered me and made it hard for me to like Laura or the love story.
As for the love story of the book I had a love/hate thing going with it. It did but it didn't work for me. At some points it felt a little weird and it didn't make sense always.
 But I did love reading about the differences about between the americans and the russians. But most of all seeing were there were little to  no differences. But I did like the ending and how things were left.
Over all it was really good. I think  it is one that many of my readers will like more than me. Natalie Standiford's makes the ups and downs of the book feel so heartfelt and real that at times I had to to put the book down and breath for a moment.  Despite the fact that there are many pros and cons to the book.

( YA - 14 and up )
Stars: * * * 3.2

I was given a copy of the book by the publisher. This did not in anyway effect my review or thoughts on the book


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