Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Book: Into The Still Blue

As many of you know I did not like this series when I started it. But I found myself over the moon with happiness when I got a E-Galley of the book.
And while this book has it's many ups and downs -which I will get into in a moment- I have to say that this was the strongest book in the series all around. The story did nothing of what I thought it was going to do and it was over all very well planned and played out.
I loved how much the characters have changed and grown from start of the series. And how natural all the changes really feel. It's not forced or quick. it comes as it should.  I loved watching how things slowly changed between the characters. And the little bits of deep insight that I found with in their thoughts and feelings.
Also something that must be noted as a high light of the book was the use and attention payed to deal. Something that so many writers either over do and make their plans way too clear to the reader or something that is under done, leaving you going " huh?".
The only thing I had a hard time with was how rough the book was to read at times. For many reasons which I will not go into for fear of giving even the smallest of spoilers.
This book really was an epic ending to the series and on that I feel every author should look at for how you wrap up a series. Tight strong and fat free!
Over all it was a wonderful read that had me dreading putting the book down.

( YA - 15 and up)
Stars:  * * *  3.8       LEVEL: NIGHT CRAWLER

I was given a copy of the book by the publisher. This did not in anyway effect my review or thoughts on the book

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Book: Univited

So when I started this book I had sadly forgotten what it was about. So the first few chapters did through me a little bit.  But needless to say I was totally into it.
I really liked Davy and found her to be a pretty believable character given her lifestyle and upbringing.
For the first 50 pages of the book I really liked. the first 150 as well. But soon after I started to feel myself drifting. The spark just wasn't there. And while the book was well thought out and had many great points something in the story was missing. The ideas are all good. But there was nothing to the way that things played out. All really great YA books and books over all really need that swift grace. that ease that carries the readers flawlessness into the next word. This book did not have that. It felt at times very man made.
As I read on the many good points like the people and the set up of the laws and all the moving parts around Davy was very good things like the world building fell sort. By the end of the book I had very little idea what the word around Davy looked like. Also I found many things by the end of the book very hard to believe * SMALL SPOILER* I'm sorry but it felt like they would have spent a lot more money on camera's and had people spying on the computers. * SPOILER DONE* 
Also how gruesome the book got by the end bothered me to no end. I'm sorry but I found that the author had so many different ways and place she could have taken things that she really cheeped out in the end.
With so much going for the book I found that the last 100 pages of the book really made it hard for me to give it a positive review. Is it a good book? sure in many ways it is, but that does not change the fact that I don't want to read any more books like this. Authors stop using gruesome details to shock the reader. It only shows a lack of real talent on your behalf.
Over all it had many great moments even though I was ultimately let down, I still look forward to reading the next book in the series.

( YA - 15 and up)
STARS: * * * 3.2          LEVEL: KILL ME GENE 

I was given a copy of the book by the publisher. This did not in anyway effect my review or thoughts on the book

Friday, January 24, 2014

Book: I am Malala: The girl who was stood up for education and was shot by the taliban

If you are one of what I hope is the few people that do not know who Malala Yousafzai is than I think you should go look her up right away. If you are on the people who has been following her october 9 2012 than you know how truly amazing she is. If you have been following her since before that time than I give you a high five.
I am not a fan of non-fiction. I personally believe that seeing what a human will do when given a chance to create a world, when given that power is far more ineteresting than a true story. A  non-fiction story only gives you one side. But having watched Malala's many interviews lately I knew that hers was a book I had to read.
For me the most interesting part of the book was how much of it has to do with Malala's father and his love for her. Reading the book you also get a very clear history of a part of the world that many of us do not know enough about. What we see on the news is very one sided. It only tells us the terrible things. So rarely showing us the beauty and hope that lives in these places. And the history of it all makes Malala's story even more amazing.
But for the most imported part of the book is how it reminds me of all the things we live with and never think about.   It also reminds us grateful we should be to have the schools we do. And for me as women to see how lucky I am. Going to school with its homework and stress can be hard. But knowing that there are some many girls out there that would love to have the choices and the freedoms I do are amazing.
Also seeing how "normal" malala is made me hope that other people read the book and finally have a face and voice to put to this. To see that not all people from Pakistan are evil or members of the taliban as some people ( and in the case of NCIS: LA ) would have you believing. For me this is not so much a reviews as a praise to Malala and the wonderful changes she has made on my own life just by being her. And praise to her father for his choice to let Malala be free no matter her gender, and guiding her.
This is by far my top pick of a book. I think it is one we should all take the time to read. It will help give us a greater understanding of both Malala and the middle east.

( Non-fiction 11 and up )
Stars: * * * * * 5.00


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