Tuesday, November 24, 2009

movie: Star Trek ( The New One)

 So I went to see this movie as I was reading twilight saga: new Moon and  i wanted to see some  good sci-fi. for me sci-fi when done right is the best.  Has everything that a story should have no other genre gives us the chance to teach and tell great stories like sci-fi does in a sci-fi you can have a love story and a war and some how it will all work together. and I am not talking about star wars as fun as it is , does nothing to teach us about the way of life and love.and I thought that this would be like that. but this was nothing like that. yes it was fun and light but it was full of life and love to. it showed us friendship can be found in very one. it had a bad guy who was bad, but not because he was bad to be bad he was bad because he had lost everything he loved and was hurting. and I have to say I loved  this movie. it had everything I was wishing it would have and it was done very well. and I have to say that the CGI in this worked really well and I felt it was not just for show that it was there to help the story. and it did. also the cast was great. I liked it over all better in someways then the first cast. also I thought that the story was awesome. what a way to bring the past back and what away to get people of all ages to love the movie. I knew a lot of older people who went to see this ready to hate it until they saw it, after that they loved it. and I my self can not wait to the next one.

Fun Fact: The trail for this movie is was most viewed trailer they day it came out of all time!
 Stars:* * * *  4.7
( PG-13)


  1. I did not like this movie that much. daydreamer is good with books and TV shows but not with movies. but that is just what I think.

  2. well I LOVE the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and dreamer is right with books tv shows and MOVIES

  3. LOVE. THIS. MOVIE. the acting was better than id expected and plot intresting :)

  4. this movie was great!!! the cast was just great!! very good moive


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