Friday, November 13, 2009


This book was very good. I think it will go far. I like the story. it was nice to read. Em is like the girl next door. she was like a friend. some you would talk to about ever thing. she was very funny. Lulu is the best girl in the book. Not the smart one but the funny one. it is nice it read about Nikki too. the book show us what are world is like now a days. From high school to the rough world of a supermodel. It shows not only how different they are but how much a like they can be at the same time. and I love how Em is one of the girl that thinks of the world and is not all in to hair and make-up. Plus Meg Cabot is nothing short of awesome. The book has just the right balance of humor and story that will keep you up all night wanting more.Writing a book is hard but writing a book like this and having it be this good is even harder. Yet it is awesome an a book I can not wait to read again. over all a very good book that I would get anyone as a gift.
 Stars:* * * * 4.7
(YA-13 and up)

 Reviewed by DaydreamerN
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  1. this is very good book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like it. a lot of people should read this book.

  2. I really like this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! '_'


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