Friday, November 13, 2009


hey everone. I just got this. it sounds like fun. I'm writing a book. it is fun. I like to write. my grandmother calls me her daydreamer. that is why it says day dreamer. so I think I will blog about books,life,tv, movies. I will tell you what I think of them. then you can see if I like the same things as you. so I think that is some thing good to blog about. I want to blog about books because I feel that there are many bad books out there that are not worth reading. And that all the really good ones get lost in the mix.
There are two of us here blogging. I DaydreamerN am the main Admin.  But we also have Daydreamer Jen. Who will be reviewing for me. We sometimes will read the same books and we might have different views on that book. DaydreamerN and Daydreamer Jen do everything on the blog. As far as comments go we will both use the name DaydreamerN as that is the name of the blog. Daydreamer Jen ( and any other review we might get in the future) will use their daydreamer ID only when writing reviews.
Thank you so much for reading out blog. Hopefully we can all make the world of YA better.

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