Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Book: Sophmore Switch

it was okay. not very good. I know people ever where love it. but I do not. it was nothing like what they make it sound like. it was not funny. I did not like it. it was another book about hollywood. not even the good of hollywood. why can't they just the your ever day girl that you see at school or the library? the people in the book are not good people to read about. they are not people girls should look up to! I did not like it. so I say that read some other book or watch that movie about to girls switch. you know what I am talking about. this book is just not a fun one or a good one at that.
 it is a good book for older teens.  it is a lot like along for the ride.
Stars: * *   *
( YA)


  1. i did the same thing. I readed it hoping it would be as good as it looked. and it was not. some thing in the book are funny.but not so much that ever ine should read it. read airhead not this book.

  2. I was hoping it was going to be good. but it was not. so that was sad. but I bet I can find a good book now that I have daydreamer to help me.

  3. I liked some of it but not all. I think it is fun to read but it is nothing great about it.

  4. I liked it. I also like gossip girl and the luxe books. this is just a fun book. not a great book but a fun one.

  5. this book was okay. not very good. I like the idea and think it would be cool if she wrote more books like it. but it was not great.


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