Friday, November 13, 2009

Book&Movie: twilight

Twilight. ever one is talking about it. I whatch the movie then readed the book. the movie was not so good. Bella was so bad. she was not funny or sweet. she was mean and did not seem loving. she looked right but did not play Bella right. all and all bad casting. the book was ok.I did not loved it. breaking dawn is not a very good book. I say if you are going to read oone of bad books read twilight and new moon but do not read breaking dawn. I hope new moon is a better movie then Twilight was. but that is just a wish for twilight makes wrting look easy. well it is not. twilight is no harry potter or mysterious benetict society. it is sad that teens ever where are in love with trash. the book are trash. they are not good. they tell you to go and find love. it is not about who they are friends and how it is like to be friend with people like rose or whatever. it is like gossip girl. a poor book and even poor movie. I hope that a good book will come along to save us all from twilight.
Stars: * * *  2.6
( book YA Movie PG-13)
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  1. I HATE twilight!!!!!

  2. you are right. twilight is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo silly!!!!!!!!! the people that like twilight are IDIOTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I was very silly. I loved it for three weeks and then my friend told me what trash it is. she and daydreamer are right. it is very silly!!!!!!!!!!!! please do not do what I did. read a good book. like graceling

  4. I like twilight but did not love it. I like reading books with love but I need good story too what should I read???

  5. well I think you might like sea change. it has a good story and some love. or you might like graceling.


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